Cardinal de Soubise

François-Armand-Auguste de Rohan-Soubise, Prince of Tournon, Prince of Rohan (1 December 1717, Paris – 28 June 1756, Saverne) was a French prelate, Prince-Bishop of Strasbourg. His parents, Anne Julie de Melun and Jules, Prince de Soubise, both died of smallpox when he was still a child.

Cardinal de Soubise


He received Holy Orders as a Catholic priest on 23 December 1741[1] and received the position of commendatory abbot first of the Abbey of Ventadour, which was succeeded by that of Saint-Epvre (in the Diocese of Toul) from 1736, and later added was that of Prince-Abbot of the Abbeys of Murbach and of Lure in 1737. He was elected to the Académie française on 15 July 1741.

A year later he was appointed coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Strasbourg. He was the great-nephew of the incumbent Prince-Bishop, Cardinal Armand Gaston Maximilien de Rohan, and was simultaneously named as the titular bishop in partibus of Ptolemais in Palestine (now Acre, Israel). He was consecrated a bishop on the following 4 November. He was made Grand Almoner of France in 1745 and a cardinal in 1747.

Upon the death of his great-uncle in 1749, he automatically became Prince-Bishop of Strasbourg and became commendatory abbot of the great Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu that same year, giving up that of Saint-Epvre.

He died in 1756 of tuberculosis.



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