Cardiff Reform Synagogue

Cardiff Reform Synagogue (Welsh: Synagog Ddiwygiedig Caerdydd; formerly Cardiff New Synagogue; Welsh: Synagog Newydd Caerdydd)[1] is a synagogue in Cardiff, Wales. It is a member of the Movement for Reform Judaism.[2]

Cardiff Reform Synagogue
Synagog Ddiwygiedig Caerdydd
AffiliationReform Judaism
LocationMoira Terrace, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom CF24 0EJ
Geographic coordinates51°28′58″N 3°09′52″W / 51.4827°N 3.1644°W / 51.4827; -3.1644

Congregation Edit

Cardiff New Synagogue was founded in 1948 to provide Jewish religious services in a less traditional style than those previously available in Cardiff. This attracted newly arrived immigrants from Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria and elsewhere. The synagogue's name was later changed to Cardiff Reform Synagogue.[3]

Services were initially held in Cardiff's Temple of Peace and Health, a non-religious civic building in Cathays Park.[3]

In 2010, the synagogue was awarded over £33,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project showing how Reform Jews, some of whom had fled from central Europe, had adapted to life in Wales.[4]

Building Edit

In 1952, the community purchased Salem Welsh Baptist Chapel in Moira Terrace, Adamsdown, Cardiff, which it converted for use of a synagogue.[3] The chapel was built in 1861 and was modified in 1877 and 1919.[5]

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