Capture of Tunis (1569)

The Capture of Tunis in 1569 was a campaign led by Uluç Ali to conquer Tunis.

Capture of Tunis (1569)

Ottoman troops (about 5,000 janissaries) and Kabyle troops, led by Uluç Ali, Pasha of Algiers, marching on Tunis in 1569

Algerian victory

  • Tunis is conquered
Regency of Algiers
Kingdom of Kuku[1]
Kingdom of Beni Abbas[1]
Hafsid Dynasty
Spain Spanish Empire
Commanders and leaders
Uluç Ali Abu al-Abbas Ahmad III
Units involved
5,300 janissaries
6,000 Kabyle cavalry[2][3]
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

In 1569 the Beylerbey of Algiers, Uluç Ali, set off over land toward Tunis with 5,300 janissaries and 6,000 Kabyle cavalry from the Kingdom of Kuku and the Kingdom of Beni Abbes.[1][3]

Uluç Ali encountered the Hafsid sultan at Beja, west of Tunis, Uluç Ali defeated him in battle and conquered Tunis without suffering any great losses.[4] Mulay Ahmad III was forced to take refuge in the Spanish presidio of La Goletta in the bay of Tunis.

The Christian forces were able to recover Tunis in 1573[5] however the Ottoman forces under Uluç Ali conquered Tunis yet again in 1574.

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