Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (2000 film)

Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (Spanish: Pantaleón y las visitadoras) is a 2000 Spanish-Peruvian film co-production directed by Francisco J. Lombardi. It is based on the eponymous comic novel by acclaimed Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa. The film was chosen as Peru's official Best Foreign Language Film submission at the 72nd Academy Awards, but did not manage to receive a nomination.[2]

Captain Pantoja and the Special Services
Captain Pantoja and the Special Services FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byFrancisco José Lombardi
Produced byJosé Enrique Crousillat
Written byGiovanna Pollarolo
Enrique Moncloa
Mario Vargas Llosa (novel)
StarringAngie Cepeda
Salvador del Solar
Music byBingen Mendizábal
Release date
  • 2000 (2000)
Running time
144 minutes
119 minutes (North American release)[1]


The plot follows Captain Pantaleón Pantoja, a straightlaced army captain put in charge of creating a brothel for the army, in order to reduce the incidence of rape surrounding army bases and outposts. The first half of the movie focuses on the humor of the situation, as Pantaleon runs the brothel like an efficient branch of the army. The second half is more dramatic as the captain is changed by running the army brothel and focuses on his relationship with the prostitute Olga "the Colombian".


Character Actor
Pantaleón Pantoja Salvador Del Solar
Olga Arellano "the Colombian" Angie Cepeda
"Pochita" Mónica Sánchez
"Chuchupe" Pilar Bardem
General Collazos Gianfranco Brero
"la Pechuga" Tatiana Astengo


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