Capital One Cup (college sports)

The Capital One Cup is a multi-sport award given to a school to acknowledge athletic success across all sports. Several sports programs from higher-education institutions across the United States are pitted against each other, acquiring points throughout the school year based on how individual sports teams finish in national championships. Sports are divided into two groups based on popularity and pool of competition, with Group B scoring three times the number of points of Group A. There are separate Cups for men's and women's sports.

Scoring SystemEdit

The Capital One Cup employs a two-tiered scoring system in which certain sports (called "Group B") are valued more highly than others (labeled "Group A"). Schools' performances in the Group B sports earn three times as many points as those in Group A. This valuing of certain high-profile sports over smaller, less popular sports has drawn criticism from college sports administrators.[1] In its seven-year history, the Capital One Cup has revised its scoring structure on several occasions to adjust such factors as the number of tiers, the inclusion/exclusion of certain sports, and the tier designation of the included sports. In previous versions of the scoring structure, more sports were included in higher-point tiers, but with the last revision (2015-2016), only five sports were given the high-value "Group B" designation for both the men's and women's Cups.

The current Capital One Cup scoring structure:[2]

Group A men's sports include cross country, skiing, rifle, water polo, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, wrestling, fencing, swimming & diving, ice hockey, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, and golf. Group B men's sports include soccer, football (FCS), football (FBS), basketball, lacrosse, and baseball.

Group A women's sports include field hockey, cross country, skiing, rifle, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, swimming & diving, ice hockey, fencing, bowling, gymnastics, water polo, tennis, golf, rowing, and beach volleyball. Group B women's sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, and softball.

Finish 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Group A : 20 12 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1
Group B : 60 36 30 24 18 15 12 9 6 3


School Year Men's Champion Women's Champion
2010–11[3] Florida Gators Stanford Cardinal
2011–12[4] Florida Gators Stanford Cardinal
2012–13[5] UCLA Bruins North Carolina Tar Heels
2013–14[6] Notre Dame Fighting Irish Florida Gators
2014–15[7] Virginia Cavaliers Stanford Cardinal
2015–16[8] Stanford Cardinal USC Trojans
2016-17[9] Ohio State Buckeyes Stanford Cardinal
2017-18[10] Stanford Cardinal Stanford Cardinal
2018-19[11] Virginia Cavaliers Stanford Cardinal

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