Capel Street

Capel Street /ˈkpəl/ is a street in Dublin, Ireland.[1][2]

Capel Street
Capel Street is located in Central Dublin
Capel Street
Native nameSráid Chéipil  (Irish)
NamesakeArthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex
Length600 m (2,000 ft)
Width14 metres (46 ft)
LocationDublin, Ireland
Postal codeD01
Coordinates53°20′54″N 6°16′07″W / 53.348438°N 6.268745°W / 53.348438; -6.268745Coordinates: 53°20′54″N 6°16′07″W / 53.348438°N 6.268745°W / 53.348438; -6.268745
north endBolton Street
south endOrmond Quay
Known forrestaurants, shops, cafés and pubs; immigrant community


"View from Capel-Street, looking over Essex-Bridge" (Grattan Bridge), 1797. The state lottery offices are visible at left.

It is sometimes claimed that the street takes its name from the chapel of St Mary's Abbey; other Capel Streets may be named after chapels, but this one is named after Arthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1672–1677. Built by Sir Humphrey Jervis in the late 17th century, he also built Essex Bridge (today Grattan Bridge), and the street was known for its mansions and a royal mint. In the 18th century it became a commercial hub, with two-bay buildings replacing the "Dutch Billy" houses.[3] The Capel Street Theatre also stood there in the 18th century.

The Torch Theatre operated on Capel Street in 1935–41. The street declined in the 20th century, before a revival around the 1980s. Today it is known for its variety of restaurants, shops, cafés and pubs; as Panti, the owner of Pantibar put it, "You can buy a lightbulb, sexual lubricant, Brazilian rice, get a pint and go to a trad session." Louis Copeland's tailor is another notable business.[4][5][6]


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