Cape Velikan

Cape Velikan (Russian: Мыс Великан) is a cape on the Sea of Okhotsk coast of the Tonino-Aniva Peninsula [ru] in southeast Sakhalin, Korsakovsky District, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia. The cape is a Natural Monument of regional importance; established in 1990, the protected area covers 39.4 ha (97 acres).[1][2][3]

Cape Velikan
Мыс Великан
Мыс Великан.jpg
LocationKorsakovsky District, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia
Nearest townKorsakov
Coordinates46°37′49″N 143°30′57″E / 46.63028°N 143.51583°E / 46.63028; 143.51583
Area39.4 ha (97 acres)[2]
Established28 March 1990[2]

The protected area runs from the mouth of the Kedrovka River, to the north, to the pebble beach 120 metres (390 ft) south of the cape.[2] The west border is formed by the logging road, the east by the offshore rocks that are exposed at low tide.[2] The area includes a complex of coastal ecosystems, comprising the flora of the rocks and supralittoral zoneSargent's juniper [ru] (Juniperus chinensis subsp. sargentii), Japanese spikenard (Aralia cordata), and the local spruce-fir forest — a seal rookery, and a bird colony and nesting site.[2]

Within the area, hunting, fishing, specimen collection, and tree felling (other than thinning for maintenance purposes in areas of forest plantation) are prohibited, as is visiting the bird colony between 1 May and 1 August.[2]

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