Cape San Antonio, Cuba

Cape San Antonio (Spanish: Cabo San Antonio), is a cape which forms the western extremity of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and the western extremity of Cuba. It extends into the Yucatán Channel,[1] and is part of the municipality of Sandino, in Pinar del Río Province. According to the International Hydrographic Organization, it marks the division point between the Caribbean Sea to the south and Gulf of Mexico to the north.[2]

Cabo San Antonio
1854 Hidrografica Nautical Chart of Map of Cuba - Geographicus - CubaWest-hydrografica-1837.jpg
1837 map of western Cuba
showing Cabo San Antonio
Map showing the location of Cabo San Antonio
Map showing the location of Cabo San Antonio
Location of Cape San Antonio in Cuba
Coordinates21°51′50.57″N 84°55′13.53″W / 21.8640472°N 84.9204250°W / 21.8640472; -84.9204250Coordinates: 21°51′50.57″N 84°55′13.53″W / 21.8640472°N 84.9204250°W / 21.8640472; -84.9204250
Offshore water bodiesCaribbean Sea

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