Cape Elizabeth (Sakhalin)

Cape Elizabeth (Russian: Мыс Елизаветы, Japanese: 鵞小門岬 "Gaoto-misaki") is a cape on the Schmidt Peninsula. It is the northernmost point of Sakhalin.

Cape Elizabeth
Russian: Мыс Елизаветы
Japanese: 鵞小門岬
Cape Elizabeth is located in Sakhalin Oblast
Cape Elizabeth
Cape Elizabeth
Coordinates: 54°42′22″N 142°42′21.75″E / 54.70611°N 142.7060417°E / 54.70611; 142.7060417
LocationSchmidt Peninsula
Sakhalin Oblast, Russia
Offshore water bodiesSea of Okhotsk
 • TotalRussian Far East
539 m (1,768 ft)

Cape Elizabeth was named by Adam Johann von Krusenstern (aka Ivan Kruzenstern) in 1805 after Empress Elizaveta, wife of Alexander I of Russia.

The cape is a territory under administration of the Okhinsky District and was even considered the northernmost point of Japan until the Treaty of Saint Petersburg in 1875 when it was replaced by the northernmost point of Atlasov Island (known in Japanese as Araido (阿頼度) and in Ainu as Oyakoba).


Between 1848 and 1874, American whaleships caught bowhead whales off the cape.[1] They also went ashore to obtain wood.[2]

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