Unorganized Baffin

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Baffin, Unorganized is part of a larger census division known as the Baffin Region by Statistics Canada[1] and as the Qikiqtaaluk Region by the government of Nunavut, Canada. This area covers the whole Qikiqtaaluk Region outside the 13 communities such as Iqaluit, Resolute or Grise Fiord. Baffin has a rocky mountainous landscape.

Included in the area are the weather station at Eureka and the Canadian Forces base at Alert (CFS Alert).

It is Canada's largest census subdivision in terms of area.


Canada 2016 Census[1]

  • Population (2016): 62
  • Population change (2011-2016): 1,140.0%
  • Private dwellings: 21
  • Area: 988,299.55 km2 (381,584.59 sq mi)
  • Density: 0.0001/km2 (0.0002/sq mi).



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