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Cape Cod style was a style of lighthouse architecture that originated on Cape Cod in Massachusetts during the early 1800s, and which became predominant to the West Coast, where numerous well-preserved examples still exist. In such lighthouses, the light tower was attached directly to the keeper's dwelling, and centered on the roof; entry was achieved through a stairway in the top floor of the dwelling.[1]

Long Point Light in Provincetown, circa 1830, doubled as the first schoolhouse for Long Point, now a ghost village
West Dennis Light on Cape Cod

No lighthouses built in the Cape Cod style exist today on the East Coast.[1] The original Alcatraz Island Light, the first lighthouse to be built on the West Coast, was built using this style.

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  1. ^ a b "Long Point, MA". Retrieved 15 February 2014. As there were similar lighthouses of this style built on the cape during the early 19th century, they came to be known as the 'Cape Cod style.' Unfortunately, no lighthouse of this design remains on the cape today.

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