Cape Cod Melody Tent

Cape Cod Melody Tent is a South Shore Playhouse Associates-owned tent theater located in Hyannis, Massachusetts, in the county of Barnstable. Affiliated with the South Shore Music Circus, these are the only two continuously-operated tent theaters in the round in the United States. It is a seasonal venue that runs May through September. The Music Circus and Melody Tent are owned and operated by the South Shore Playhouse Associates, a not-for-profit organization. The seating capacity is approximately 2,300.[1] It was originally known as Cape Cod Music Circus from 1950–1951.[1]

Cape Cod Melody Tent
Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis MA.jpg
Cape Cod Melody Tent
Former namesCape Cod Music Circus
LocationHyannis, Massachusetts
Coordinates41°38′49.69″N 70°17′54.24″W / 41.6471361°N 70.2984000°W / 41.6471361; -70.2984000Coordinates: 41°38′49.69″N 70°17′54.24″W / 41.6471361°N 70.2984000°W / 41.6471361; -70.2984000
OwnerSouth Shore Playhouse Associates
TypeOutdoor amphitheatre
Seating typereserved

David M. Holtzmann, a theatrical attorney who represented actress Gertrude Lawrence, owned both theaters from the late 1950s until his death in 1965, after which they were operated by his widow, Sondra.[2] In March 1990, the South Shore Playhouse Associates purchased the Cape Cod Melody Tent and have since made numerous modern upgrades including a new vinyl tent with Cupola venting system, new seats, new stage and computerized lighting and sound systems.[1]

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