CapROS ("Capability-based Reliable Operating System") is an open source operating system. It is a pure capability-based system that features automatic persistence of data and processes, even across system reboots. Capability systems naturally support the principle of least authority, which improves security and fault tolerance.

CapROS bear.png
DeveloperStrawberry Development Group
OS familyCapability-based
Working stateIn production / development
Kernel typeMicrokernel
Official website

CapROS is an evolution of the EROS system. While EROS was purely a research system, CapROS is intended to be a stable system of commercial quality. CapROS currently runs on Intel IA-32 and ARM microprocessors.

CapROS is being developed by Strawberry Development Group with funding from DARPA and others. The primary developer is Charles Landau.


The CapROS project was formed in 2005 as a non-academic continuation of EROS. The EROS system in turn traces its architecture to KeyKOS and ultimately GNOSIS.

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