Canopus Hill Observatory

The Canopus Hill Observatory, located approximately 12 km from Hobart in Tasmania Australia, is an optical astronomy observatory belonging to the University of Tasmania (UTAS).[1] Due to the high southern latitude, the Canopus Hill Observatory is able to observe and study the Magellanic clouds.[2] However, the observatory has closed down due to the "encroaching light pollution from the Hobart suburbs".[3] According to the Astronomical Society, light pollution reduces the vision of the night sky, becoming a "major menace to amateur and professional astronomers alike".[4]

Canopus Hill Observatory
OrganizationUniversity of Tasmania
LocationTasmania, AUS
Coordinates42°50′51″S 147°25′58″E / 42.84750°S 147.43278°E / -42.84750; 147.43278Coordinates: 42°50′51″S 147°25′58″E / 42.84750°S 147.43278°E / -42.84750; 147.43278
Altitude260 m (850 ft)
unnamed telescope1 m reflector
Canopus Hill Observatory is located in Australia
Canopus Hill Observatory
Location of Canopus Hill Observatory


The Canopus Hill Observatory has a variety of telescope instrumentation, including a 2-channel high speed photometer with UBVR, clear filters, a CCD photometer with SITe 512x512 pixel illuminated backside-thinned CCD and quick change 6-channel filter wheel. [5] According to the UTAS, these telescope instrumentations are attached at the f/11 Cassegrain focus. In addition, there is also a 16" telescope that is used for observatory open nights for public viewing, photographic work and the Astronomical Society of Tasmania.[6]

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