Canon Tokki

Canon Tokki is a Japanese manufacturer of material deposition equipment for making OLED displays. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon Inc. and has a near-monopoly in its main business field.

Canon Tokki
IndustryManufacturing equipment
FoundedJuly 29th, 1967 (as Tsugami Specialty Machine Co., Ltd.), 1986 (as Tokki Corporation Ltd.)[1]
Area served
Key people
Chairman and CEO, Teruhisa Tsugami
ProductsOLED manufacturing equipment, vacuum deposition systems
OwnerCanon Inc.
Number of employees
633 (2018)


The company began producing Factory Automation systems, machine tools and production tools. In 1983 it began to produce vacuum thin film deposition equipment. In 1986, Tsugami Specialty Machine, Nagaoka Precision, Tsugami Robotics, and UPR Co., Ltd. merged to form Tokki Corporation Ltd. It began OLED material deposition equipment research in 1993, and in 1996, it started to sell its OLED material deposition equipment.

In 1999, Tokki developed the first OLED mass production system that processes both OLED and electrode material deposition as well as encapsulation by one system.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

In 2001 it purchased the Niigata Factory from Niigata Keiso Co., Ltd., which became Tokki's main production base. In 2004, Tokki spun off its Factory Automation division forming the subsidiary Tokki Industries Co., Ltd. In 2009, Tokki moved its headquarters from Tokyo to its factory in Niigata. In 2010, Tokki sold Tokki Industries Co., Ltd to Marubeni Corporation. In 2010, Tokki was bought by Canon Inc., and in 2012 it changed its name to Canon Tokki.

An increase in orders enabled the company to double production capacity in 2016, but in 2018 the demand went down as a recovery in the equipment market had been lagged behind that of the display market.[8]


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