Canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men's K-2 1000 metres

These are the results of the men's K-2 1000 metres competition in canoeing at the 2004 Summer Olympics. The K-2 event is raced by two-man canoe sprint kayaks.


  Gold   Silver   Bronze
  Markus Oscarsson
and Henrik Nilsson (SWE)
  Antonio Rossi
and Beniamino Bonomi (ITA)
  Eirik Verås Larsen
and Nils Olav Fjeldheim (NOR)


The 16 teams first raced in two heats. The top 3 teams in each heat advanced directly to the final, and the next nine fastest teams advanced to the semifinal, eliminating one team. The heats were raced on August 23.

Heat Place Athlete Country Time Notes
1 1 Markus Oscarsson and Henrik Nilsson   Sweden 3:09.536 QF
1 2 Ben Fouhy and Steven Ferguson   New Zealand 3:10.388 QF
1 3 Daniel Collins and David Rhodes   Australia 3:11.272 QF
1 4 Javier Hernanz and Pablo Banos   Spain 3:12.216 QS
1 5 Zoltán Benkő and István Beé   Hungary 3:13.340 QS
1 6 Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi   Italy 3:14.060 QS
1 7 Jeffrey Smoke and Andrew Bussey   United States 3:17.268 QS
1 8 Anatoli Tishchenko and Vladimir Grushikhin   Russia 3:22.332 QS
2 1 Eirik Verås Larsen and Nils Olav Fjeldheim   Norway 3:09.247 QF
2 2 Ian Wynne and Paul Darby Dowman   Great Britain 3:10.819 QF
2 3 Jan Schäfer and Marco Herszel   Germany 3:11.627 QF
2 4 Wouter D'Haene and Bob Maesen   Belgium 3:14.447 QS
2 5 Lasse Nielsen and Mads Kongsgaard Madsen   Denmark 3:19.171 QS
2 6 Ognjen Filipović and Dragan Zorić   Serbia and Montenegro 3:19.299 QS
2 7 Yin Yijun and Wang Lei   China 3:21.279 QS
2 8 Danila Turchin and Michail Tarasov   Uzbekistan 3:24.031


The top three teams in the semifinal qualified for the final, joining the six teams that qualified directly from the heats. The other six teams were eliminated from the competition. The semifinal was raced on August 25.

1.   Wouter D'Haene and Bob Maesen (BEL) 3:11.757 QF
2.   Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi (ITA) 3:12.597 QF
3.   Zoltán Benkő and István Beé (HUN) 3:13.609 QF
4.   Javier Hernanz and Pablo Banos (ESP) 3:13.701
5.   Anatoli Tishchenko and Vladimir Grushikhin (RUS) 3:14.089
6.   Lasse Nielsen and Mads Kongsgaard Madsen (DEN) 3:15.417
7.   Jeffrey Smoke and Andrew Bussey (USA) 3:16.341
8.   Ognjen Filipović and Dragan Zorić (SCG) 3:58.793
  Yin Yijun and Wang Lei (CHN) DSQ

China, competing in Lane 1, was disqualified for competing too close to the buoy line from the 950 meter mark to the finish.


The final was raced on August 27.

    Markus Oscarsson and Henrik Nilsson (SWE) 3:18.420
    Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi (ITA) 3:19.484
    Eirik Verås Larsen and Nils Olav Fjeldheim (NOR) 3:19.528
4.   Daniel Collins and David Rhodes (AUS) 3:19.956
5.   Wouter D'Haene and Bob Maesen (BEL) 3:20.196
6.   Jan Schäfer and Marco Herszel (GER) 3:20.548
7.   Ian Wynne and Paul Darby Dowman (GBR) 3:20.848
8.   Ben Fouhy and Steven Ferguson (NZL) 3:21.336
9.   Zoltán Benkő and István Beé (HUN) 3:27.996