Candidates of the 1977 South Australian state election

The 1977 South Australian state election was held on 17 September 1977.

The Liberal Movement had dissolved since the previous election, with some of its members rejoining the Liberal Party and others forming part of the new Australian Democrats. For the two sitting LM members, their seats are listed as held by the LM.

Retiring MembersEdit



House of AssemblyEdit

Sitting members are shown in bold text. Successful candidates are highlighted in the relevant colour. Where there is possible confusion, an asterisk (*) is also used.[1]

Electorate Held by Labor candidate Liberal candidate Democrats candidate Other candidates
Adelaide Labor Jack Wright Terry McClean
Albert Park Labor Charles Harrison Glendon Stotter
Alexandra Liberal Kenneth Jared Ted Chapman Kaye Gibbs
Ascot Park Labor Geoff Virgo Dean Le Poidevin Kenneth Johnson
Baudin Labor Don Hopgood Mervyn Sawade
Bragg Liberal Kevin Winn David Tonkin
Brighton Labor Hugh Hudson Natalie Richardson Ronald Moulds
Chaffey Liberal John Howe Peter Arnold
Coles Liberal Greg Crafter Jennifer Adamson
Davenport Liberal Terry Cameron Dean Brown Michael Lee Ewan Hutchison (WP)
Elizabeth Labor Peter Duncan Anthony Hutton
Eyre Liberal Barry Piltz
Michael Sachsse
Graham Gunn
Fisher Liberal Sean Dawes Stan Evans
Flinders NCP Terrence Krieg Victor Gerschwitz Peter Blacker (NCP)
Florey Labor Charles Wells John Wadey
Gilles Labor Jack Slater Lois Bell Andrew Graham
Glenelg Liberal Barbara Wiese John Mathwin
Goyder LM Roger Thomas David Boundy Keith Russack (Ind Lib)
Hanson Liberal Reece Jennings Heini Becker
Hartley Labor Des Corcoran George Trotta William Forster (WP)
Henley Beach Labor Glen Broomhill Barry Lawson
Kavel Liberal Sydney Tilmouth Roger Goldsworthy Reginald Goldsworthy
Light Liberal James Reese Bruce Eastick
Mallee Liberal Gerald Lea Bill Nankivell Leslie Ficken (NCP)
Mawson Labor Leslie Drury Tony Boyle Charles Ferdinands
Mitcham LM Rosemary Crowley Robert Worth Robin Millhouse
Mitchell Labor Ron Payne June Schaeffer Kevin Whitby Peter Amor (Ind)
John Pocius (WP)
Morphett Liberal Terry Groom Mark Hamilton Margaret Sesr
Mount Gambier Liberal James Hennessy Harold Allison
Murray Liberal Douglas Gerrie David Wotton Maurice Thiele (Ind)
Ivon Wardle (Ind Lib)
Napier Labor Terry Hemmings Elizabeth Pooley
Newland Labor John Klunder Emily Perry Betty Knott
Norwood Labor Don Dunstan William Zacharia
Peake Labor Don Simmons Mark Tregoning
Playford Labor Terry McRae John McGowan John Longhurst Donald Sutherland (CPA)
Price Labor George Whitten Jean Lawrie
Rocky River Liberal Ted Connelly Howard Venning Peter Longmire (NCP)
Nevin Newbold (Ind)
Ross Smith Labor John Bannon Paul Baloglou
Salisbury Labor Reg Groth Ann Allen
Semaphore Labor Jack Olson Terence Hanson J Mitchell (SPA)
Spence Labor Roy Abbott George Basisovs
Stuart Labor Gavin Keneally Colin Struck
Todd Labor Molly Byrne Robert Ritson
Torrens Liberal Ralph Clarke Michael Wilson Leslie Huxley (WP)
Unley Labor Gil Langley Craig Spiel Victoria Wawryk (Ind)
Victoria Liberal Graeme Richardson Allan Rodda
Whyalla Labor Max Brown Vivienne Cruickshank


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