Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Program or Series

The Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series or Program is an annual Canadian television award, presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television to the best supporting performance by an actress in a Canadian dramatic television series or television film. Previously presented as part of the Gemini Awards, since 2013 it has been presented as part of the Canadian Screen Awards.

Originally, only a single award for supporting actress was presented, without regard to the distinction between series, miniseries or television films. At the 10th Gemini Awards in 1995, separate awards were instituted for supporting actress in a television series and supporting actress in a television film or miniseries; the separate awards were presented until the Gemini Awards were merged into the Canadian Screen Awards, and since the 1st Canadian Screen Awards in 2012 there has again only been a single category presented for all three types of content.

In August 2022, the Academy announced that beginning with the 11th Canadian Screen Awards in 2023, a gender-neutral award for Best Supporting Performance in a Comedy Series will be presented.[1]


Year Actress Series Ref
1st Gemini Awards
Colleen Dewhurst Anne of Green Gables [2]
Anne Anglin Turning to Stone [3]
Sharry Flett The Suicide Murders
Jackie Richardson Turning to Stone
2nd Gemini Awards
Vivian Reis The Marriage Bed [4]
Deborah Cass The Last Season [5]
Linda Griffiths Sword of Gideon
Heather Thomas Ford: The Man and the Machine
3rd Gemini Awards
Colleen Dewhurst Anne of Avonlea [6]
Rosemary Dunsmore Blades of Courage [7]
Wendy Hiller Anne of Avonlea
Helen Hughes The Kidnapping of Baby John Doe
Sophie Léger Chasing Rainbows
4th Gemini Awards
Martha Gibson Two Men [8]
Marie-Christine Barrault No Blame [9]
Patricia Collins Two Men
Nicky Guadagni The Squamish Five
Robyn Stevan 9B


Year Actress Film Ref
5th Gemini Awards
Ann-Marie MacDonald Where the Spirit Lives [10]
Lally Cadeau Road to Avonlea [11]
Ocean Hellman Anything to Survive
Sherry Miller E.N.G.
Mary Beth Rubens E.N.G.
6th Gemini Awards
Sarah Polley Lantern Hill [12]
Lally Cadeau Road to Avonlea [13]
Marion Gilsenan Getting Married in Buffalo Jump
Sherry Miller E.N.G.
Leah Pinsent The Little Kidnappers
Gema Zamprogna Road to Avonlea
7th Gemini Awards
Brooke Johnson Conspiracy of Silence [14]
Lally Cadeau Road to Avonlea
Catherine Disher Grand Larceny
Patricia Hamilton Road to Avonlea
Theresa Tova E.N.G.
8th Gemini Awards
Lise Roy The Boys of St. Vincent [15]
Julie Khaner Street Legal [16]
Peggy McCay Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story
Jackie Richardson Catwalk
Ashley Rogers Family of Strangers
Susan Wright I'll Never Get to Heaven
9th Gemini Awards
Jennifer Phipps Coming of Age [17]
Cynthia Belliveau E.N.G. [18]
Tina Louise Bomberry North of 60
Larissa Laskin Dieppe
Gema Zamprogna Road to Avonlea
10th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Patricia Hamilton Road to Avonlea [19]
Marilyn Lightstone Road to Avonlea [20]
Janne Mortil Side Effects
Mag Ruffman Road to Avonlea
Cheryl Wilson Destiny Ridge
Television Film or Miniseries
Catherine Fitch Butterbox Babies [19]
Deborah Duchêne Forever Knight: "Curioser & Curioser" [20]
Frances Hyland Broken Lullaby
Charmion King Broken Lullaby
Kate Nelligan Million Dollar Babies
11th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Kay Tremblay Road to Avonlea [21]
Janet Bailey Traders [22]
Patricia Hamilton Road to Avonlea
Terri Hawkes Traders
Ramona Milano Due South
Television Film or Miniseries
Teresa Stratas Under the Piano [21]
Angela Featherstone Family of Cops [22]
Sabrina Grdevich Little Criminals
Mimi Kuzyk Little Criminals
Mary Walsh The Elf
12th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Robin Craig Wind at My Back [23]
Janet Bailey Traders [24]
Stacy Grant Madison
Sabrina Grdevich Traders
Kim Huffman Traders
Television Film or Miniseries
Jayne Eastwood Dangerous Offender: The Marlene Moore Story [23]
Patricia Gage Dangerous Offender: The Marlene Moore Story [24]
Brooke Johnson For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down
Elena Kudaba Peacekeepers
Barbara Williams Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops 2
13th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Kim Huffman Traders [25]
Mary-Colin Chisholm Black Harbour [26]
Patricia Collins The Rez
Jessica Pellerin Emily of New Moon
Alberta Watson Nikita
Television Film or Miniseries
Nicky Guadagni Major Crime [25]
Macha Grenon The Sleep Room [26]
Sarah Polley The Planet of Junior Brown
Lynn Redgrave White Lies
Gabrielle Rose The Sleep Room
14th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Marion Gilsenan Riverdale [27]
Jackie Burroughs More Tales of the City [28]
Ramona Milano Due South
Caterina Scorsone Power Play
Sarah Strange Foolish Heart
Television Film or Miniseries
Sabrina Grdevich Milgaard [27]
Shannon Lawson Sleeping Dogs Lie [28]
Deanna Milligan Justice
Mag Ruffman Happy Christmas, Miss King
Leah Pinsent Win, Again!


Year Actress Series Ref
15th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Shannon Lawson The City [29]
Jackie Burroughs Cover Me [30]
Rachael Crawford Traders
Anita La Selva Earth: Final Conflict
Angela Vint Traders
Television Film or Miniseries
Shirley Douglas Shadow Lake [29]
Marie-Josée Croze Murder Most Likely [30]
Janine Theriault Murder Most Likely
16th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Tamara Craig Thomas Cold Squad [31]
Mimi Kuzyk Blue Murder
Marnie McPhail The Associates
Colleen Rennison These Arms of Mine
Lisa Ryder Andromeda
Television Film or Miniseries
Sherry Miller Lucky Girl [31]
Jennifer Dale Revenge of the Land
Kari Matchett A Colder Kind of Death
Lise Roy Children of My Heart
Janet Wright Chasing Cain
17th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Dixie Seatle Paradise Falls [32]
Rebecca Jenkins The Associates
Marnie McPhail The Associates
Lauren Lee Smith Mutant X
Tamara Craig Thomas Cold Squad
Television Film or Miniseries
Jackie Burroughs Further Tales of the City [32]
Céline Bonnier The Last Chapter
Brenda Fricker Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story
Sherry Miller A Killing Spring
Deborah Pollitt Random Passage
18th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Jennie Raymond Blue Murder [33]
Paula Boudreau Doc
Stacy Grant Cold Squad
Ruth Marshall Doc
Andrea C. Robinson Doc
Television Film or Miniseries
Janet Wright Betrayed [33]
Larissa Laskin Scar Tissue
Michelle Nolden Hemingway vs. Callaghan
Reagan Pasternak Hemingway vs. Callaghan
19th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Rachel McAdams Slings & Arrows [34]
Jennifer Irwin Slings & Arrows
Andrea C. Robinson Doc
Television Film or Miniseries
Nthati Motesh Human Cargo [34]
Myriam Acharki Human Cargo
Cara Pifko Human Cargo
20th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Elliot Page ReGenesis [35]
Sonja Bennett Cold Squad
Ellen Dubin The Collector
Catherine Fitch This Is Wonderland
Kate Trotter Paradise Falls
Television Film or Miniseries
Maria Popistașu Sex Traffic [35]
Layla Alizada Chasing Freedom
Miranda Handford Tripping the Wire: A Stephen Tree Mystery
Martha Henry H2O
Alberta Watson Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story
21st Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Susan Coyne Slings & Arrows [36]
Jayne Eastwood This Is Wonderland [37]
Patricia McKenzie Charlie Jade
Sarah Strange ReGenesis
Kathryn Winslow This Is Wonderland
Television Film or Miniseries
Lushin Dubey Murder Unveiled [36]
Isabelle Blais Human Trafficking
Megan Follows Shania: A Life in Eight Albums
Hélène Joy Under the Dragon's Tail
22nd Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Wendy Crewson ReGenesis [38]
Lynda Boyd Falcon Beach
Jeananne Goossen Falcon Beach
Mayko Nguyen ReGenesis
Sarah Polley Slings & Arrows
Television Film or Miniseries
Yanna McIntosh Doomstown [38]
Wendy Crewson The Robber Bride
Megan Follows Booky Makes Her Mark
Tegan Moss Eight Days to Live
Jean Yoon Dragon Boys
23rd Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Maria Doyle Kennedy The Tudors [39]
Wendy Crewson ReGenesis [40]
Catherine Disher The Border
Laurence Leboeuf Durham County
Sonya Salomaa Durham County
Television Film or Miniseries
Katharine Isabelle The Englishman's Boy [41]
Nahanni Johnstone Booky and the Secret Santa [40]
Andrea Martin St. Urbain's Horseman
Cara Pifko I Me Wed
Clare Stone Would Be Kings
24th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Gabrielle Miller Robson Arms
Lolita Davidovich ZOS: Zone of Separation [42]
Catherine Disher The Border
Tasha Lawrence The Line
Reagan Pasternak Being Erica
Television Film or Miniseries
Barbara Hershey Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning
Kaniehtiio Horn Moccasin Flats: Redemption [42]
Louise Rose Diamonds


Year Actress Series Ref
25th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Catherine Disher The Border [43]
Eve Harlow The Guard [44]
Reagan Pasternak Being Erica
Jessica Steen Flashpoint
Rachel Wilson Republic of Doyle
Television Film or Miniseries
Debra Lynne McCabe Guns [45]
Wendy Crewson The Summit [44]
Sarah Manninen Keep Your Head Up, Kid: The Don Cherry Story
26th Gemini Awards
Dramatic Series
Ksenia Solo Lost Girl [46]
Bénédicte Décary Durham County [47]
Katharine Isabelle Endgame
Melanie Nicholls-King Rookie Blue
Enuka Okuma Rookie Blue
Television Film or Miniseries
Diana Hardcastle The Kennedys [48]
Alison Pill The Pillars of the Earth [47]
Karen Robinson The Gospel According to the Blues
1st Canadian Screen Awards
Wendy Crewson Saving Hope
Georgina Lightning Blackstone [49]
Enuka Okuma Rookie Blue
Kelly Rowan Cyberbully
Ksenia Solo Lost Girl
2nd Canadian Screen Awards
Maria Doyle Kennedy Orphan Black [50]
Claudia Black Haven [51]
Priscilla Faia Rookie Blue
Cheri Maracle Blackstone
Luvia Petersen Continuum
3rd Canadian Screen Awards
Ali Liebert Bomb Girls [52]
Jane Alexander Forgive Me [52]
Olympia Dukakis Sex & Violence
Laurence Leboeuf 19-2
Maxim Roy 19-2
4th Canadian Screen Awards
Shailyn Pierre-Dixon The Book of Negroes [53]
Martha Burns Remedy [54]
Maria Doyle Kennedy Orphan Black
Laurence Leboeuf 19-2
Julia Taylor Ross Saving Hope
5th Canadian Screen Awards
Wendy Crewson Slasher [55]
Lara Jean Chorostecki X Company [56]
Michelle Nolden Saving Hope
Shailyn Pierre-Dixon Between
Lauren Lee Smith This Life
6th Canadian Screen Awards
Allie MacDonald Cardinal [57]
Katy Breier FANatic [58]
Suzanne Clément Versailles
Geraldine James Anne with an E
Madeleine Knight X Company
7th Canadian Screen Awards
Geraldine James Anne with an E [59]
Selena Lee Blood and Water [59]
Sharron Matthews Frankie Drake Mysteries
Chanelle Peloso The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco
Mackenzie Porter Travelers
8th Canadian Screen Awards
Kristen Thomson Cardinal [60]
Rosemary Dunsmore Street Legal [61]
Kelly McCormack Killjoys
Karen Robinson Forgive Me
Elizabeth Saunders Mary Kills People


Year Actress Series Ref
9th Canadian Screen Awards
Tamara Podemski Coroner [62]
Anna Lambe Trickster [63]
Georgina Lightning Trickster
Sharron Matthews Frankie Drake Mysteries
Gail Maurice Trickster
10th Canadian Screen Awards
Ayisha Issa Transplant [64]
Natasha Henstridge Diggstown [65]
Emma Hunter Moonshine
Rebecca Liddiard Frankie Drake Mysteries
Tamara Podemski Unsettled


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