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The Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC; French: Commandement des opérations interarmées du Canada or COIC) is one of the two unified commands of the Canadian Armed Forces, the other one being the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. CJOC was announced in May 2012 as the result of the cost-cutting measures in the 2012 federal budget through the merger of Canada Command, the Canadian Expeditionary Force Command and the Canadian Operational Support Command under an integrated command-and-control structure. The command was stood up on 5 October 2012 to officially replace the three former organizations.[1]

Canadian Joint Operations Command
Badge of CJOC
Country Canada
TypeCommand headquarters
Size6 regional joint task forces
Part ofCanadian Armed Forces
Motto(s)Latin: Unanimi cum ratione (United in purpose)
EngagementsMilitary intervention against ISIL
Lieutenant-General Micheal Rouleau

The command team is composed of a three-star commander, assisted by three two-star deputy commanders, one for each of the three main components (Continental, Expeditionary, and Support). The team is rounded out by a one-star chief of staff and four senior non-commissioned members, an overall command chief warrant/petty officer, and a command chief warrant/petty officer for each component.[2]

CJOC's role is to "anticipate and conduct Canadian Forces operations, and develop, generate and integrate joint force capabilities for operations."[3]

The continental component consists of six regional joint task forces. In five of these JTFs, the commander also commands an army division or a maritime force. The five southern JTFs have no permanent operational units: units and detachments are temporarily assigned to them from the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force according to operational requirements.

Joint task forces of CJOC[4]
Task force Headquarters Region Commander
Joint Task Force North Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Northern Canada
Joint Task Force Pacific Victoria, British Columbia British Columbia CO of Maritime Forces Pacific
Joint Task Force West Edmonton, Alberta Prairie provinces CO of 3rd Canadian Division
Joint Task Force Central Toronto, Ontario Ontario CO of 4th Canadian Division
Joint Task Force East Montreal, Quebec Quebec CO of 2nd Canadian Division
Joint Task Force Atlantic Halifax, Nova Scotia Atlantic Canada CO of Maritime Forces Atlantic

On 1 April 2015, 1st Canadian Division was transferred from the Canadian Army to CJOC.[5]

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