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Curling Canada (formerly the Canadian Curling Association (CCA)) is a sanctioning body for the sport of Curling in Canada. It is associated with more than a dozen provincial and territorial curling associations across the country, and organizes Canada's national championships in the sport. It was formed in 1990 by the merger of the two previous sanctioning bodies, Curl Canada (men's) and the Canadian Ladies' Curling Association (women's).

Curling Canada
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Founded1990 (1990)
ChairmanMitch Minken
SponsorSport Canada
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The CCA was created in 1990 when Curl Canada and the Canadian Ladies' Curling Association amalgamated. From its creation until 2007, Dave Parkes was the General Manager and then Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Greg Stemlaw was the CEO until 2015 when he took over as Head of Sports at CBC Sports [1] On February 27, 2015, the organization rebranded as Curling Canada.[2]

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