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Canaan (Hebrew: כנען) (Arabic: كنعان) was the ancient region of the Levant. It is also a Semitic personal name or surname used by Arabic and Hebrew-speaking people.

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  • Tawfiq Canaan (1882–1964), Palestinian physician and researcher of popular heritage
  • Isaiah Canaan (born 1991), American basketball player
  • Islam Cana'an (born 1983), Palestinian-Israeli footballer
  • K'naan (born 1978), Canadian-Somalian hip-hop artist
  • Canaan Banana (1936–2003), first President of Zimbabwe
  • Lydia Canaan, Lebanese singer-songwriter, humanitarian, and activist
  • Tony Kanaan (born 1974), Brazilian race car driver
  • Canaan (son of Ham), son of Ham and grandson of Noah in the Old Testament

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