Campion School (Athens)

Campion School is a leading English-language private international school in Athens, Greece, which provides an adapted British educational curriculum to approximately 650 children of foreign residents, the Greek diaspora and local Greeks, from Nursery through to Year 13 (ages three to eighteen). The pupils include children coming from more than 40 different countries.



Campion School was founded in 1970 in Athens, Greece, by American banker and philhellene Thomas Shortell, his wife Betsy Shortell, and American businessman, and later diplomat, Burke O'Connor as an independent, non-profit Anglo-American school governed by a board of trustees.

The academic programme is based on the National Curriculum (England and Wales) adapted to Greeke culture and society. It facilitates the examinations of its students in the IGCSE, IB and checkpoint examinations.

Organisation of First Spartathlon


A group of campion school teachers sponsored the race organised by RAF officers, and aided as support staff.



The School is now located in purpose-built premises in the suburb of Pallini, 16km east of the city centre.

Campion is an accredited member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools).[1] and ECIS (European Council of International Schools).[2]



Each student is organised into one of the houses, which are named after legendary Greek heroes Alexander, Pericles, Theseus and Heracles. Merits and house points are given to students when exceptional effort is made in order to encourage students and build self-confidence. Pupils are required to wear a uniform up to and including Year 11;[3] students in Years 12 and 13 must adhere to a dress code.[4]

The Campion school uniform has, since its introduction, always consisted of a combination of blue, white, and red. Boys wear navy blue trousers, a white polo shirt and a navy jumper, while girls wear navy blue trousers or a skirt, a white blouse and a red (Junior School) or navy blue (Senior School) jumper.

The pupils are divided into Nursery, Reception, Junior (years one through six) and Senior (years seven through thirteen) divisions which, while previously housed at different locations, are now combined on the same premises but in separate buildings.

School activities and curriculum


Campion School holds its MUN (Model United Nations), the CSMUN, annually in October.

Campion school has a parents' group, the PRC, PRC (Parents Recreation Club), a group of parents and guardians which meet to discuss and arrange charity sales, fundraisers, Hallowe'en Bonfire, the school's Christmas Bazaar and International Day.

Campion school holds performances such as the Christmas concert (organised by the Music Department), Junior and Senior summer concerts, the staff concert, musicals (arranged by the Drama and Music departments), and talks during assemblies from professionals outside the school.



Leading Staff and Head of Depts

  • Mr Calafatis - Business Director
  • Ms M Balaskas - Admissions Officer
  • Mrs E Siani - Universities Counsellor
  • Ms Baker - Communications and Marketing officer
  • Mr Politsopoulous - IT and Facilities manager
  • Ms Rylander - Systems & Data manager
  • Miss Papadimitriou - Head of English
  • Mr Dimakos - Head of Maths
  • Ms Varey - Head of History
  • Ms Bakalis - Head of Classics
  • Miss Meidana - Head of Greek
  • Mrs Tambaki - Head of Science
  • Ms Helsby - Head of Music
  • Mr Tilley - Head of Geography
  • Mr Pasios - Head of Physical Education
  • Mr Psarrou - Head of Social Sciences
  • Mr Dres - Head of Art
  • Ms Rogakou - Head of Drama
  • Ms Marti - Head of Modern Languages

Former Headmasters

  • 1970-1973 Richard Forbes, MA (Cantab)
  • 1980-1983 Thomas Howarth.
  • 1983-1988 Anthony F Eggleston
  • 1988-1990 C. Douglas Juckes
  • 1990-1991 Dennis Mackinnon
  • 1991-2020 Stephen W Atherton (educator and pianist)
  • 2020-2021 Duncan Rose
  • 2021-Present, Mike Henderson (Former Head of Seniors)

Notable alumni



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