Uruguayan football league system

The Uruguayan football league system is a series of interconnected football leagues for clubs in Uruguay, and is organized by the Uruguayan Football Association at the national level. The Uruguayan League is organized by the Uruguayan Football Association, both in male and female football. The First Championship of Uruguayan Primera Division was played in 1900. Since that tournament until 2017, 114 championships of Uruguayan League were played (from 1900 to 1931 all were played in an amateur way, and from 1932 professionally).

Additionally, there are championships in Uruguay that are organized by other associations, of an amateur character.

Uruguayan Primera DivisiónEdit

The Uruguayan Primera División, called Torneo Uruguayo Copa Coca-Cola for publicity, is regarded as the 23rd most difficult football league in the 21st century by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics.

Pyramid tableEdit



Professional leagues


Primera División
(Campeonato Uruguayo Copa Coca-Cola)
16 teams

↓↑ 3 teams


Segunda División
(Segunda División Profesional)
14 teams

↓↑ 2 teams
Semi-professional or amateur leagues


Primera División Amateur
22 teams

↓↑ 1 team


Segunda División Amateur Met.
11 clubs

Teams participatingEdit

The following is a list of the teams participating in the tournament.

Primera División Profesional Segunda División Profesional Primera División Amateur Liga Metropolitana Amateur
  •   Club Atlético Cinco Esquinas de Pando
  •   Club Social y Deportivo Cooper
  •   Deutscher Fussbal Klub
  •   Club Social y Deportivo Keguay
  •   Hacele un Gol a la Vida
  •   Club Social y Deportivo Paso de la Arena
  •   Rincón de Carrasco
  •   Club Atlético Unión de San José

Uruguayan championship of women's footballEdit

The Uruguayan championship of women's football is the most important national tournament corresponding to the female branch of Uruguayan football, and is organized by the Uruguayan Football Association since 1997 from a FIFA request.

League SystemEdit

The Uruguayan female championship has distributed teams in three categories.

Level Division(s)/League(s)
1 First Division
9 clubs
? ↓ ↑ ? clubs
2 Second Division
9 clubs
? ↓↑ 1 clubs
3 Third Division
7 clubs

Teams participatingEdit

The following is a list of the teams participating in the 2019 tournament.

Divisional A Divisional B

El País CupEdit

Trophy of National Clubs Cup

The National Clubs Cup, known as El País Cup, is the tournament of the Interior teams that are not participating in the Uruguayan League and is organized by the Interior Football Organization in an amateur way.

League SystemEdit

The system uses a system of promotion and relegation between the different leagues in all different levels which means that even the smallest club can reach to the top level, the Primera División. The Championship of National Clubs Cup has distributed teams in two categories.

Level Division(s)/League(s)
1 National Clubs Cup
2 Local leagues

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