Campeonato Tocantinense

The Campeonato Tocantinense is the football league of the state of Tocantins, Brazil.

Campeonato Tocantinense
Federação Tocantinense de Futebol
Number of teams8
Domestic cup(s)Copa Verde
Copa do Brasil
Current championsInterporto
Most championshipsGurupi and Palmas (5 titles each)
2017 Campeonato Tocantinense


First Division

  • First stage: standard round-robin, in which all teams play each other once.
  • Second stage: home-and-away playoffs with the top 6 teams of the first stage.

(1st place x 6th place, 2nd place x 5th place, 3rd place x 4th place)

  • Third stage: double round-robin, in which all teams play each other home-and-away games, with the winners of second stage playoffs, plus the playoff loser with the best overall competition record.
  • Fourth stage: home-and-away playoff between the top 2 teams in the third stage. The winner of this playoff is crowned the champion.

As in any other Brazilian soccer championship, the format can change every year.

Clubs (2018)Edit

First Division

List of champions and runners-upEdit

Season Champions Runners-up
1993 Tocantinópolis Gurupi
1994 União Araguainense Tocantins de Miracema
1995 Intercap Gurupi
1996 Gurupi Kaburé
1997 Gurupi Interporto
1998 Alvorada Palmas
1999 Interporto Tocantinópolis
2000 Palmas Interporto
2001 Palmas Tocantinópolis
2002 Tocantinópolis Palmas
2003 Palmas Gurupi
2004 Palmas Araguaína
2005 Colinas Araguaína
2006 Araguaína Tocantinópolis
2007 Palmas Araguaína
2008 Tocantins Gurupi
2009 Araguaína Palmas
2010 Gurupi Araguaína
2011 Gurupi Interporto
2012 Gurupi Tocantinópolis
2013 Interporto Gurupi
2014 Interporto Tocantinópolis
2015 Tocantinópolis Interporto
2016 Gurupi Tocantins de Miracema
2017 Interporto Sparta

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