Campeonato Goiano

The Campeonato Goiano is the football league of the state of Goiás, Brazil.

Campeonato Goiano
Flag of Goiás.svg
Federação Goiana de Futebol
Number of teams12
Domestic cup(s)Copa do Brasil
Current championsAtlético Goianiense
Most championshipsGoiás (28 titles)
Current: 2021 Campeonato Goiano


First DivisionEdit

First stageEdit

  • Teams are divided in two groups of six teams.
  • Double round-robin, in which all teams home-and-away games against the team from other group.
  • Standard round-robin, in which all teams play each other once within the group.

Second stageEdit

  • Home-and-away playoffs with the top 2 teams of each group.

The winner of the second stage is crowned the champion.

The two teams last placed overall in the first stage are relegated to the second division.

As in any other Brazilian soccer championship, the format can change every year.


First DivisionEdit

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Goiás (C) Atlético (C) Goiás (C) Goiás (C) Goiás (C) Goiás (C) Atlético (C) Atlético (C)
Atlético Goiás Aparecidense Anápolis Vila Nova Aparecidense Goiás Goianésia
Goianésia Anapolina Goianésia Atlético Aparecidense Vila Nova Vila Nova Jaraguá
Aparecidense Goianésia Trindade Vila Nova Atlético Anapolina Goiânia Aparecidense
Grêmio Anápolis Trindade Itumbiara Itumbiara Iporá Iporá CRAC Goiás
Vila Nova Aparecidense Atlético Aparecidense Itumbiara Grêmio Anápolis Goianésia CRAC
CRAC CRAC Anapolina Goianésia Anápolis Atlético Aparecidense Vila Nova
Anápolis Grêmio Anápolis CRAC CRAC Rio Verde Itumbiara Anapolina Anápolis
Rio Verde (R) Anápolis (R) Grêmio Anápolis (R) Trindade (R) Goianésia (R) Anápolis (R) Grêmio Anápolis Grêmio Anápolis
Itumbiara (R) Vila Nova (R) Caldas Novas (R) Anapolina (R) CRAC (R) Rio Verde (R) Iporá Iporá
Itumbiara (R) Goiânia (R)
Novo Horizonte (R) Anapolina (R)

Second DivisionEdit

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Anapolina (C) Caldas Novas (C) Vila Nova (C) Rio Verde (C) Grêmio Anápolis (C) CRAC (C) Jaraguá (C) Jataiense
Trindade Itumbiara Anápolis Iporá Anapolina Novo Horizonte Anápolis Itumbiara
Santa Helena Rio Verde Novo Horizonte Goiânia Goiânia Goiânia Rio Verde Inhumas
Caldas Novas Iporá Rio Verde (MS) Grêmio Anápolis Trindade Goianésia Esporte Clube Morrinhos Rio Verde (R)
Morrinhos Santa Helena Santa Helena Goiânia Novo Horizonte Jataiense Jataiense
Goiânia América Iporá América Evangélica América Aparecida
Iporá Novo Horizonte Itaberaí Evangélica Santa Helena Trindade Trindade
Mineiros Goiânia Novo Horizonte Santa Helena América Jaraguá América
Umuarama Esporte Clube (R) Mineiros Esporte Clube (R) América (R) Caldas (R) Aparecida (R) Evangélica (R) Grêmio Anápolis
Aparecida (R) Morrinhos (R) Quirinópolis (R) Monte Cristo Esporte Clube (R) Santa Helena Esporte Clube (R) Iporá

Third DivisionEdit

classification 2016 (5) 2017 (11) 2018 (8) 2019 (13) 2020 (11)
Champion Aparecida (C) Jaraguá (C) Morrinhos (C) Goiatuba (C) América
2nd Monte Cristo ABECAT Aparecida Inhumas Rioverdense
3rd Itaberaí Jataiense Rioverdense Mineiros Evangélica
4th Raça Bom Jesus Inhumas Tupy Tupy
5th Umuarama Ceres Pires do Rio Evangélica Atlético Rioverdense
6th Caldas Mineiros Santa Helena Guanabara City
7th Mineiros Raça Umuarama Mineiros
8th Raça Monte Cristo Atlético Rioverdense Monte Cristo
9th Itaberaí Raça Santa Helena
10th Pires do Rio União Inhumas Trindade
11th União Inhumas Rioverdense União Inhumas
12th Monte Cristo
13th Pires do Rio

Other ClubsEdit

List of championsEdit

Season Winner Runner-up
1944 Atlético Goiânia
1945 Goiânia Atlético
1946 Goiânia Atlético
1947 Atlético Goiânia
1948 Goiânia Atlético
1949 Atlético Goiânia
1950 Goiânia Atlético
1951 Goiânia Goiás
1952 Goiânia Atlético
1953 Goiânia Goiás
1954 Goiânia Atlético
1955 Atlético Goiânia
1956 Goiânia Atlético
1957 Atlético Goiânia
1958 Goiânia Atlético
1959 Goiânia Atlético
1960 Goiânia Atlético
1961 Vila Nova Atlético
1962 Vila Nova Inhumas
1963 Vila Nova Inhumas
1964 Atlético Inhumas
1965 Anápolis Vila Nova
1966 Goiás Vila Nova
1967 CRAC Atlético
1968 Goiânia Atlético
1969 Vila Nova CRAC
1970 Atlético Goiânia
1971 Goiás Vila Nova
1972 Goiás Atlético
1973 Vila Nova Goiás
1974 Goiânia Goiás
1975 Goiás Goiânia
1976 Goiás Goiânia
1977 Vila Nova Goiânia
1978 Vila Nova Goiás
1979 Vila Nova Atlético
1980 Vila Nova Goiás
1981 Goiás Anapolina
1982 Vila Nova Goiás
1983 Goiás Anapolina
1984 Vila Nova Goiânia
1985 Atlético Goiás
1986 Goiás Atlético
1987 Goiás Atlético
1988 Atlético Goiás
1989 Goiás Vila Nova
1990 Goiás Goiânia
1991 Goiás Atlético
1992 Goiatuba Goiás
1993 Vila Nova Goiás
1994 Goiás Vila Nova
1995 Vila Nova Anápolis
1996 Goiás Atlético
1997 Goiás CRAC
1998 Goiás Vila Nova
1999 Goiás Vila Nova
2000 Goiás Vila Nova
2001 Vila Nova Goiás
2002 Goiás Novo Horizonte
2003 Goiás Novo Horizonte
2004 CRAC Vila Nova
2005 Vila Nova Goiás
2006 Goiás Atlético
2007 Atlético Goiás
2008 Itumbiara Goiás
2009 Goiás Atlético
2010 Atlético Santa Helena
2011 Atlético Goiás
2012 Goiás Atlético
2013 Goiás Atlético
2014 Atlético Goiás
2015 Goiás Aparecidense
2016 Goiás Anápolis
2017 Goiás Vila Nova
2018 Goiás Aparecidense
2019 Atlético Goiás
2020 Atlético Goianésia

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