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Campeonato Gaúcho

The Campeonato Gaúcho Série A1, commonly known as Campeonato Gaúcho, is the top flight professional football league in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The league is contested between 14 clubs and typically lasts from January to April. Rivalries amongst two of the most well-known Brazilian teams (Grêmio and Internacional) has marked the history of the competition. The "Gauchão", as the tournament is popularly known, had its first edition held in 1919.

Campeonato Gaúcho de Futebol
Bandeira do Rio Grande do Sul.svg
Rio Grande do Sul
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toSérie A2
Domestic cup(s)Copa FGF
Current championsGrêmio
Most championshipsInternacional (45 titles)
TV partnersRede Globo
Premiere FC
WebsiteOfficial website
2019 Campeonato Gaúcho

The current champions are Grêmio, who won their 38th title ever in the 2019 season.



There are 16 clubs in the Campeonato Gaúcho, divided into two groups. During the course of a season (from January to April), each club plays against teams from the other group and then against each other inside their own group. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points, then wins, goal difference and goals scored. The top four teams from each group qualify for the play-offs. For the quarter-finals, the first of a group faces the last of the other group, and so on in a single game at the home of the better-ranked team; the semi-finals are also played in a single game, and finals with two games. The three lowest placed teams are relegated into the Campeonato Gaúcho Série A2.

Qualification for competitionsEdit

The best placed of league also qualify for the Campeonato Brasileiro Série D, excluding the teams that are already qualified for the Série A, Série B or Série C. The best three teams in the Campeonato Gaúcho (champions, runner-up and the third most points in overall table) not qualified to Copa Libertadores de América will qualify for Copa do Brasil of the following year.


Throughout its nearly 100-year history, dozens of clubs have played Campeonato Gaúcho, including teams that became extinct. The following 12 clubs will compete in the Campeonato Gaúcho Série A1 during the 2017 season.[citation needed]

Club City Stadium Capacity Pos. in 2016 1st season Seasons Titles Last title First title
Brasil (PE) Pelotas Bento Freitas 18,000 8th 1919 16 1 1919 1919
Caxias Caxias do Sul Francisco Stedile 23,000 1st (Serie A2) 1961 50 1 2000 2000
Cruzeiro-RS Cachoeirinha Antônio Vieira Ramos 8,000 11th 1929 20 1 1929 1929
Grêmio Porto Alegre Arena do Grêmio 55,662 3rd 1919 73 37 2019 1921
Internacional Porto Alegre Beira-Rio 50,128 1st 1927 71 43 2015 1927
Juventude Caxias do Sul Alfredo Jaconi 23,726 2nd 1925 57 1 1998 1998
Novo Hamburgo Novo Hamburgo Estádio do Vale 6,500 7th 1930 62 1 2017 2017
Passo Fundo Passo Fundo Vermelhão da Serra 20,000 10th 1987 23
São José-RS Porto Alegre Passo D'Areia 8,000 4th 1961 31
São Paulo-RS Rio Grande Aldo Dapuzzo 11,500 6th 1933 28 1 1933 1933
Veranópolis Veranópolis Antônio David Farina 4,000 9th 1994 22
Ypiranga-RS Erechim Colosso da Lagoa 30,000 5th 1968 25


Season Champions Runners-up
1919 Brasil (PE) Grêmio
1920 Guarany (BG) Grêmio
1921 Grêmio Riograndense (SM)
1922 Grêmio Guarany (AL)
1925 Bagé Grêmio
1926 Grêmio Guarany (BG)
1927 Internacional Bagé
1928 Americano-RS Bagé
1929 Cruzeiro Guarany (BG)
1930 Pelotas Grêmio
1931 Grêmio Guarany (AL)
1932 Grêmio Pelotas
1933 São Paulo-RS Grêmio
1934 Internacional Grêmio
1935 9º Regimento Grêmio
1936 Rio Grande Internacional
1937 Grêmio Santanense Rio-Grandense (RG)
1938 Guarany (BG) Rio-Grandense (RG)
1939 Rio-Grandense (RG) Grêmio Santanense
1940 Internacional Bagé
1941 Internacional Rio Grande
1942 Internacional Floriano
1943 Internacional Guarany (CS)
1944 Internacional Bagé
1945 Internacional Pelotas
1946 Grêmio Rio-Grandense (RG)
1947 Internacional Floriano
1948 Internacional Grêmio Santanense
1949 Grêmio Floriano
1950 Internacional Floriano
1951 Internacional Pelotas
1952 Internacional Floriano
1953 Internacional Brasil (PE)
1954 Renner Brasil (PE)
1955 Internacional Brasil (PE)
1956 Grêmio Pelotas
1957 Grêmio Bagé
1958 Grêmio Guarany (BG)
1959 Grêmio Farroupilha
1960 Grêmio Pelotas
1961 Internacional Grêmio
1962 Grêmio Internacional
1963 Grêmio Internacional
1964 Grêmio Internacional
1965 Grêmio Juventude
1966 Grêmio Internacional
1967 Grêmio Internacional
1968 Grêmio Internacional
1969 Internacional Grêmio
1970 Internacional Grêmio
1971 Internacional Grêmio
1972 Internacional Grêmio
1973 Internacional Grêmio
1974 Internacional Grêmio
1975 Internacional Grêmio
1976 Internacional Grêmio
1977 Grêmio Internacional
1978 Internacional Grêmio
1979 Grêmio Esportivo
1980 Grêmio Internacional
1981 Internacional Grêmio
1982 Internacional Grêmio
1983 Internacional Brasil (PE)
1984 Internacional Grêmio
1985 Grêmio Internacional
1986 Grêmio Internacional
1987 Grêmio Internacional
1988 Grêmio Internacional
1989 Grêmio Internacional
1990 Grêmio Caxias
1991 Internacional Grêmio
1992 Internacional Grêmio
1993 Grêmio Internacional
1994 Internacional Juventude
1995 Grêmio Internacional
1996 Grêmio Juventude
1997 Internacional Grêmio
1998 Juventude Internacional
1999 Grêmio Internacional
2000 Caxias Grêmio
2001 Grêmio Juventude
2002 Internacional 15 de Novembro
2003 Internacional 15 de Novembro
2004 Internacional Ulbra
2005 Internacional 15 de Novembro
2006 Grêmio Internacional
2007 Grêmio Juventude
2008 Internacional Juventude
2009 Internacional Grêmio
2010 Grêmio Internacional
2011 Internacional Grêmio
2012 Internacional Caxias
2013 Internacional Lajeadense
2014 Internacional Grêmio
2015 Internacional Grêmio
2016 Internacional Juventude
2017 Novo Hamburgo Internacional
2018 Grêmio Brasil de Pelotas
2019 Grêmio Internacional

Recopa GaúchaEdit

The Recopa Gaúcha is a football tournament, which opens the football calendar year in Rio Grande do Sul and is dispute between the Campeonato Gaúcho champion and champion of Supercopa Gaúcha of previous year in a unique game.[1] In its second edition was disputed in parallel to the first round of the Championship Gaucho, and the third edition in parallel the second round.

List of championsEdit

Year Champion Runner-up
2014 Pelotas Internacional
2015 Lajeadense Internacional
2016 Internacional São José
2017 Internacional Ypiranga de Erechim
2018 São José Novo Hamburgo
2019 Grêmio Avenida

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