Campeonato Brasiliense

The Campeonato Brasiliense, also known as Campeonato Metropolitano de Brasília or Campeonato Candango, is the football league of the Distrito Federal, Brazil.

Campeonato Brasiliense
Number of teams12
Domestic cup(s)Copa do Brasil
Current championsSobradinho
Most championshipsGama (11 titles)
2018 Campeonato Brasiliense

Teams from other states can be affiliated to the Distrito Federal Football Federation (FFDF) as long as they are located within 200 km from Brasília. This is the case of Associação Atlética Luziânia from the state of Goiás and Unaí Esporte Clube from the state of Minas Gerais.


First Division 2017

First stage

  • Top four qualify for Second Stage; bottom two relegated.
  • Double round-robin, in which all teams from one group play home-and-away games against all teams within the group.

Second stage


  • Two-legged final.

As in any other Brazilian soccer championship, the format can change every year.

2020 membersEdit

Team Home city Stadium Capacity 2019 season
Brasiliense Taguatinga Serejão 27,000 2nd in 1st Division
Capital CF Brasília Mané Garrincha 72,788 7th in 1st Division
Ceilândia Ceilândia Abadião 5,000 9th in 1st Division
Ceilandense Ceilândia Abadião 5,000 2nd in 2nd Division
Formosa Formosa, GO Diogão 8,000 8th in 1st Division
Gama Gama Bezerrão 20,319 1st in 1st Division
Luziânia Luziânia, GO Serra do Lago 22,000 5th in 1st Division
Real F.C. Núcleo Bandeirante Metropolitana 3,000 4th in 1st Division
Sobradinho Sobradinho Augustinho Lima 15,000 6th in 1st Division
Taguatinga Taguatinga Serejão 27,000 10th in 1st Division
Unaí Unaí Urbano Adjuto 10,000 3rd in 1st Division

List of championsEdit

Season Champions Runners-up
1959 Grêmio Brasiliense Planalto
1960 Defelê Guará
1961 Defelê Rabello
1962 Defelê Colombo
1963 Cruzeiro do Sul Colombo
1964 Rabello Guanabara
Defelê Dínamo
1965 Rabello Pederneiras
Colombo Guanabara
1966 Rabello Guanabara
Vila Matias Luziânia
1967 Rabello Cruzeiro do Sul
1968 Defelê Rabello
1969 Coenge Grêmio Brasiliense
1970 Grêmio Brasiliense Civilsan
1971 Colombo Serviço Gráfico
1972 Serviço Gráfico CEUB
1973 CEUB Relações Exteriores
1974 Pioneira Jaguar
1975 Campineira* CSU
1976 Brasília Guará
1977 Brasília Bandeirante
1978 Brasília Taguatinga
1979 Gama Brasília
1980 Brasília Gama
1981 Taguatinga Guará
1982 Brasília Guará
1983 Brasília Guará
1984 Brasília Sobradinho
1985 Sobradinho Taguatinga
1986 Sobradinho Taguatinga
1987 Brasília Taguatinga
1988 Tiradentes Guará
1989 Taguatinga Sobradinho
1990 Gama Taguatinga
1991 Taguatinga Guará
1992 Taguatinga Tiradentes
1993 Taguatinga Gama
1994 Gama Sobradinho
1995 Gama Brasília
1996 Guará Gama
1997 Gama Brasília
1998 Gama Guará
1999 Gama Dom Pedro I
2000 Gama Bandeirante
2001 Gama Brasiliense
2002 CFZ Brasília Gama
2003 Gama Brasiliense
2004 Brasiliense Gama
2005 Brasiliense Ceilândia
2006 Brasiliense Gama
2007 Brasiliense Esportivo Guará
2008 Brasiliense Dom Pedro I
2009 Brasiliense Brasília
2010 Ceilândia Brasiliense
2011 Brasiliense Gama
2012 Ceilândia Luziânia
2013 Brasiliense Brasília
2014 Luziânia Brasília
2015 Gama Brasília
2016 Luziânia Ceilândia
2017 Brasiliense Ceilândia
2018 Sobradinho Brasiliense
2019 Gama Brasiliense
  • In 1978, Campineira Futebol Clube was renamed to Sobradinho Esporte Clube.

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