Campaigns of the Arab Revolt

The Arab Revolt started by Sherif Hussein ibn Ali had a series of campaigns, starting from Mecca in June 1916. Here is a list of these campaigns:

  • Battle of Makkah started on the morning of June 10, 1916, and it was the beginning of the Arab Revolt. The battle was ended with the capture of this holy city by the forces of Sherif Hussein ibn Ali.
  • Jeddah was attacked on June 9 by 4000 Sharifian forces.
  • Siege of Medina was started in the middle of 1916 and continued till January 9, 1919. Fakhri Pasha's heroic and stubborn resistance was cause of this long siege.
  • Taif was surrendered to Hashemite forces on September 23, 1916.
  • Al Lith was occupied by Sharifian forces on June 23.
  • Yanbu was captured on July 27. Ummlajj was captured after Yanbu.
  • Qunfudah was captured on October 10.
  • Wejh, the port city was captured in the mid of January 1917 with little difficulty. Only 200 Ottoman soldiers were there.
  • Aqaba fell to Sharifian forces on July 6, 1917.
  • The Battle of Wadi Musa was fought on October 23, 1917, when Ottoman army was sent to deal with Sharifian army camped at Wadi Musa. Before the Ottoman unit reached Wadi Musa, they were intercepted by 700 Arab troops under the command of Maulood Mukhlis. Four hundred Ottomans were killed and 300 were captured.
  • The Battle of Al-Samna was a defeat to Sharifian army. Al-Samna is situated near Ma'an. The battle took place on April 25–26, 1918.
  • Damascus was captured by British and Sharifian forces on October 1, 1918.
Arabia and Southern Arabia Campaigns
Part of Middle Eastern theatre of World War I
Flag of Hejaz 1917.svg
Flag of the Arab Revolt
DateJune, 1916-January, 1919
Result Armistice of Mudros
Treaty of Sèvres
Arab Revolt Hejazi Arabs
United Kingdom United Kingdom
 Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Arab Revolt Faisal
United Kingdom T. E. Lawrence
Ottoman Empire Ahmed Djemal
Ottoman Empire Fakhri Pasha