Campaign for a Wales Olympic Team

Campaign for a Wales Olympic Team (Welsh: Ymgyrch dros dim Olympaidd Cymru) is a movement for a Wales national team competing at the Olympic Games and World Athletics Championships.[1]

Jade Jones, a double olympic gold medalist from Bodelwyddan, Wales.

Calls for a National Olympic TeamEdit

Olympic successEdit

It has been calculated in recent media publications that in terms of the medals won per population head, Wales is exceptionally high achieving in the Olympics as a country. An alternative table includes countries that have won a minimum of one gold medal, Welsh athletes come second in the world (behind New Zealand only) based on medals per capita.[2]

Olympic team in the status quoEdit

Deputy leader of Plaid Cymru and MS for Ynys Môn, Rhun ap Iorwerth suggested that Wales should have its own national team at the Olympics in the 2024 Paris Olympics during a Facebook live video conference with constituents.

Iorwerth also mentioned a potential eventuality suggested by Gareth Rhys Owen, a BBC Wales sports presenter; “He said we might end up getting fewer medals. A number of medal winners have won medals as part of teams – swimming team and that kind of thing." and also added, "Maybe we wouldn’t get those team medals but you would have more Welsh athletes having the opportunity to compete at the Olympics."[1]

Olympic team in an independent WalesEdit

YesCymru suggests that independence would allow the formation of both national Olympic and Paralympic teams. YesCymru goes further stating that currently, Welsh athletes are "missing out" on an opportunity to compete in the Olympics and Paralympics due to extremely high levels of competition to get into the Great Britain Olympic team.[3]


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