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Camberwell tram depot is located on Council Street, Hawthorn East, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Opened in December 1929, it is operated by Yarra Trams. It is one of eight tram depots on the Melbourne tram network.

Camberwell tram depot
LocationCouncil Street, Hawthorn East
Operator(s)Yarra Trams
Roads9 (all in sheds)
Rolling stock14 A2 Class
33 B2 Class
Routes served70, 75
OpenedDecember 1929 (1929-12)



In July 1928 the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Board (MMTB) approved the acquisition of a number of properties on Camberwell Road, west of Camberwell Junction, in preparation for the construction of a new tram depot.[1] A tender for £31,990 to construct the depot was accepted on 1 November 1928 by the MMTB,[2] with the depot opening in December 1929.[3][4][5][6] The opening of Camberwell depot ushered in a multitude of operational changes in the eastern part of the tram network, including extended hours of tramway operation.[3][7]

Traffic lights were installed on Riversdale Road, at the entrance to Camberwell depot in 1948, to increase safety. The traffic lights were in response to a large number of near misses, and were activated by trams.[8]

When the Public Transport Corporation was privatised in August 1999, Camberwell depot passed to Yarra Trams.[9][10]


Camberwell depot offices and staff rooms, 2011

Camberwell tram depot has nine roads, all of which are covered by a single 115 foot single span roof. This is said to increase safety within the depot shed as there are no columns, while also providing better lighting. The depot shed is connected to Riversdale Road by a double track entrance. The staff facilities and offices are in an adjacent building.[9][11]

Rolling stockEdit

As at May 2018, the depot had an allocation of 47 trams: 14 A2 Class and 33 B2 Class.[9]


The following routes are operated from Camberwell depot:


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Coordinates: 37°49′49″S 145°03′17″E / 37.8302°S 145.0548°E / -37.8302; 145.0548