Camay is the name of a scented hand and body soap, made by Unilever. It was first introduced in 1926 and marketed as a "white, pure soap for women," as many soaps of the time were colored to mask impurities. Camay's slogan for many years was "Camay: the soap for beautiful women." It was later replaced with "For your most beautiful complexion at every age."

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1948 ad for the product.
Product typeSoap Brand
CountryUnited States
The logo of Camay used in 2006-2012.

In December, 2014, P&G announced that it was selling Camay to Unilever. The companies completed the deal in 2015, but Unilever has not yet announced when it will start producing Camay soap.[1]

Media sponsorshipEdit

For many years, Camay was a major sponsor of the soap operas As the World Turns and Search for Tomorrow.

Camay started gaining popularity in Eastern Europe with 12 new scents being introduced starting from 2004.[citation needed]

A Hungarian online campaign called The Code of Seduction (in Hungarian: A Csábitás Kódja) invites people to fill out a test which tells them which scent will fit their personality and mood the best.


In the 1970s, its television spokesmodel was Princess Luciana Pignatelli, an Italian socialite, writer, and cosmetics executive. Other spokesmodel's included Katie Boyle, Gail Barclay, Lynn Clayton, Julie Dawn Cole, Stacy Doring, Claire Faulconbridge, Lynne Frederick, Sylvie Granotier, Nicola Pagett, Julie Peasgood and Natasha Pyne.


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