Calixto Bieito

Calixto Bieito (Miranda de Ebro, 2 November 1963) is a Spanish theater director known for his radical interpretations of classic operas.

Calixto Bieito
Calixto Bieito.png
Calixto Bieito, 2008
Born (1963-11-02) November 2, 1963 (age 56)
OccupationOpera and Theater Director


Born in the small town of Miranda de Ebro, Bieito moved to Barcelona with his family when he was 14. His mother was an amateur singer who encouraged him to play piano. Though his father was a railway worker, though he also shared a love of music, particularly the zarzuela tradition. Many of Bieito's uncles and cousins were musicians as well. [1]

In January 2010, he was appointed as the new Guest Director of the International Arts Festival of Castilla y León for the next two years.[2]


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