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Calibre 50 is a Mexican conjunto of norteño music created in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, in the year of 2010.[1] The group is also considered to be "Norteño-Banda", as it features a Tuba to play the bass notes, instead of an electrical bass or a Tololoche, which are more commonly used in Norteño music.

Calibre 50
Calibre 50 in a 2016 concert.
Background information
OriginMazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
Years active2010 (2010)-present
LabelsDisa, Universal
Past members



Before founding Calibre 50, Edén Muñoz had been the accordionist and vocalist in a group called "Colmillo Norteño". With Muñoz, the group scored the hit songs "Sueño guajiro" and "Hotel El Cid" in 2009, among others. Nevertheless, conflicts with the other members of the group led Muñoz to quit Colmillo Norteño in December 2009, and he founded his own group in 2010, recruiting Armando Ramos as guitarist, Augusto Guido as drummer and Martín López as Tuba player. The name of this new group was "Puro Colmillo Norteño", and they recorded their first album, "Renovar o morir", under that name, as well as their first single ("El infiernito"). However, the original Colmillo Norteño sued them for the name, and after a legal dispute Muñoz' group was forced to change their name later in 2010. They chose the name by which they are known nowadays: Calibre 50.[2] The name of the group comes from the comparison "with an element that will symbolize the strength and impact that the project has on the lives of the members, as well as those who like the regional Mexican genre."

Calibre 50 first achieved notoriety for their controversial songs and corridos. Their first nationwide hit was "El tierno se fue" ("The nice guy is gone") in 2011, a song written by Lalo Ayala which contains many innuendos and describes a sexual act in detail. In later years they turned to release romantic songs as singles, however their albums still consist mostly of corridos and party songs.

In January 2014, drummer Augusto Guido left the conjunto to work on his own group, "Los de Sinaloa"; he was replaced by Erick García.[3] Two months later, Tuba player Martín López also left the conjunto to work on another project, "La Iniciativa". He was subsequently replaced by Alejandro Gaxiola.[4]

Calibre 50 made history when the group became the first Regional Mexican band to perform on the Conan show.

Calibre 50 made their Houston Rodeo debut on March 11, 2018 to a sold out Houston crowd.

On April 26, 2018, Calibre 50, along with Colombian singer J Balvin, received an award from Pandora Radio for being the first artists to surpass a billion of streams on that platform.[5]


  • Edén Muñoz, first voice and diatonic accordion (leader)
  • Armando Ramos, second voice and twelfth fret guitar
  • Alejandro Gaxiola, tuba
  • Erick García, drum kit

Past membersEdit

  • Martín López
  • Augusto Guído


  • 2010: Renovar o morir (Originally issued under the name "Puro Colmillo Norteño", later reissued as Calibre 50).
  • 2011: De Sinaloa Para El Mundo
  • 2012: El buen ejemplo
  • 2013: La recompensa
  • 2013: Corridos De Alto Calibre
  • 2014: Siempre Contigo
  • 2015: Historias de La Calle
  • 2016: Desde el rancho (feat. Amor Del Bueno and Siempre Te Voy A Querer)
  • 2017: En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Telmex
  • 2017: Guerra De Poder
  • 2018: Mitad y Mitad

Awards and NominationsEdit

Year Award Category Work Result Ref.
2012 Premios Lo Nuestro Mejor Artista Revelación del Año/Regional Mexicano   Won  [6]
2015 Premios Juventud Mi Letra Favorita/Música   Won [7]
2015 Premios Juventud Mejor Tema Novelero/Novelas Aunque ahora estés con él Nominated  [8]
2017 Premios Lo Nuestro Grupo o Dúo del Año/Regional Mexicano   Won  [9]
2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Mejor Artista de Música Regional Mexicana   Won  [10]


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