Cali Tower

Torre de Cali ("Cali Tower") is a 46-story skyscraper in downtown Cali, Colombia. The tower has a full height of 211 metres if the communication masts atop are counted. Its roof height is 183.5 metres, making it the third tallest building in Colombia. It is the tallest building in Cali.

Cali Tower
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General information
LocationCali, Colombia
Coordinates3°27′32.40″N 76°31′44.4″W / 3.4590000°N 76.529000°W / 3.4590000; -76.529000Coordinates: 3°27′32.40″N 76°31′44.4″W / 3.4590000°N 76.529000°W / 3.4590000; -76.529000
Construction started1978
CostUS$ 225 million
Antenna spire211 m (692 ft)
Roof183.5 m (602 ft)
Technical details
Floor count46
Floor area98.725 m²
Design and construction
ArchitectJaime Vélez
DeveloperJulián Echeverri cía.
Structural engineerEnrique Martínez Romero
Main contractorReichmann International Co.

Built in the early 1980s, the tower is built in the International Style. It currently houses a hotel and became a landmark building in the city, as it dominates the skyline.

Year Built Companies Location
1980-1983 Hotel Torre de Cali Cali, Colombia

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