Cahiers du Bétar (French: Notebooks of Betar) was a monthly Zionist magazine which was published in Tunis, Tunisia, between 1938 and 1946. Its title was a reference to the revisionist Zionist youth movement, Bétar.[1] The subtitle of the magazine was Organe mensuel d’éducation Juive (French: Monthly organ of Jewish education).[2]

Cahiers du Bétar
EditorJacques Silvera
Former editorsAlfred Louzoun
CategoriesPolitical magazine
Final issue1946
Based inTunis

History and profile


Cahiers du Bétar was established in 1938 as a successor to another Jewish periodical entitled ha-Ivri.[3][4] It was published by the Bétar movement's Tunisia branch on a monthly basis.[4] Alfred Louzoun edited the monthly of which headquarters was in Tunis.[4] He later assumed the post of director, and Jacques Silvera became the editor of the magazine in 1939.[2] Its circulation was about 1,200 copies.[2]

Cahiers du Bétar was an supporter of the right-wing Zionism of Vladimir Jabotinsky.[5] However, it did not manage to have significant influence as its successor ha-Ivri.[4] It ceased publication in 1946.[3][4]


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