Café Henry Burger was a restaurant in Gatineau, Quebec, near Ottawa.

Café Henry Burger
Restaurant information
Established1922; 102 years ago (1922)
Closed2006; 18 years ago (2006)

The restaurant was opened in 1922 by Swiss immigrant Henry Burger.[1] The business expanded to include a hotel, but the business was forced to close following the 1929 stock market crash.[1] The restaurant reopened on Laval Street and in 1936 Burger died and his wife Marie-Anne Monnin took over the business.[2] After the building was destroyed by a fire in 1942 it moved to its final location at 69 Rue Laurier.[1]

In 1963 Marie Burger was named Restaurateur of the Year.[1] After Burger's death in 1973, the business changed hands a number of times before being acquired by Robert Bourassa in 1982.[1]

The restaurant claimed to have served every prime minister since 1926, and in 2003 was indirectly involved in a public spending scandal regarding bills for meals at the restaurant claimed as expenses by public servants.[1] In 2006 the restaurant closed.[1]


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