Caesarea (Mazaca)

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Caesarea (/ˌsɛzəˈriːə, ˌsɛsəˈriːə, ˌsiːzəˈriːə/) Greek: (Καισάρεια) also known historically as Mazaca (Ancient Greek: Μάζακα) was an ancient city[1] in what is now Kayseri, Turkey. Home to many early Christian saints,[2] such as the Basil of Caesarea, Andreas of Caesarea & Emmelia of Caesarea. Caesarea was an important trading centre[3] on the ancient Silk Road.

Kayseri Archaeology Museum sarcophagi remains 2343.jpg
Kayseri Archaeology Museum
Former namesMazaca
General information
LocationKayseri, Turkey
Map of Greco-Roman Anatolia


Miter with the Resurrection of Christ and Coronation of the Virgin
Coins from Cappadocia in Caesarea
Kayseri Castle
Surp Kirkor Lusavoric Armenian Church
Panaghia Church, in modern-day Kayseri.

The History of the city can be traced back all the way to 3000 BCE, where the ruins of a nearby archeological site known as Kültepe, lie just 20 km (12 mi) away.

Caesarea was a significant trading centre for many nearby city states, as it's geography between east and west gave it an upper advantage.




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