Caen Grand Prix

The Grand Prix de Caen was an auto racing event, held in la Prairie park in Caen.

Only six races were held between 1952 and 1958, the 1955 race being cancelled after that year's Le Mans disaster. The first race was run under Formula Two rules. In 1953 the event was run for sports cars, and all subsequent events were run under Formula One rules.


Year Race title Driver/s Vehicle Classification Report
1952 I Grand Prix de Caen   Maurice Trintignant Gordini Type 16 Non-Championship Formula 2 1952 Caen Grand Prix
1953 II Grand Prix de Caen   Pierre Chancel Panhard X85 Sports car racing 1953 Caen Grand Prix
1954 III Grand Prix de Caen   Maurice Trintignant Ferrari 625 Non-Championship Formula 1 1954 Caen Grand Prix
1956 IV Grand Prix de Caen   Harry Schell Maserati 250F Non-Championship Formula 1 1956 Caen Grand Prix
1957 V Grand Prix de Caen   Jean Behra BRM P25 Non-Championship Formula 1 1957 Caen Grand Prix
1958 VI Grand Prix de Caen   Stirling Moss Cooper T45-Climax Non-Championship Formula 1 1958 Caen Grand Prix


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