Caemi Mineração e Metalurgia S.A. was a major Brazilian mining holding company that ceased to exist in December 2006 after it was merged into Vale. Caemi means Companhia Auxiliar de Empresas de Mineração.

CAEMI Mineração e Metalurgia S.A.
TypePublic (Bovespa:)
IndustryMining, Logistics
FoundedQuadrilátero Ferrífero, Iron Quadrangle, Minas Gerais 1942[1]
HeadquartersNova Lima, Brazil
Key people
Augusto Antunes (founder)
Productsraw materials, logistics and railway transport
RevenueIncrease$2.3 billion USD (2005)
Increase$824 million (2005)[2]
SubsidiariesCADAM, MBR


The company owned iron ore mines in the so-called Iron Quadrangle region of the state of Minas Gerais, and kaolin mines in the northern states of Amapá and Pará. The company also owned a stake in MRS Logística, which owns a railway network in southeastern Brazil. Caemi's stock was traded on Bovespa.

MBR - Minerações Brasileiras ReunidasEdit

Caemi started MBR in a partnership with M. A. Hanna Company in 1965.[3] MBR since 1971 had been the second biggest iron ore producer in Brazil,[4] mining in 2005 over 50 million tonnes of iron ore[5] or around 25% of Brazilian production.[6]

MBR until Vale acquired 100% of Caemi's capital in 2006 was owned by two companies: Caemi and EBM (Empreendimentos Brasileiros de Mineração S.A.). Caemi had a 49% stake at MBR while EBM owned the other 51% of the company. The problem is that Caemi also owned 70.1% of EBM, this fact brings Caemi's total stake at MBR to 84.75%. Caemi's 84.75% participation at MBR is recognized at the company's 2005 Annual Report, which was Caemi's last.[7]

EBM, besides Caemi had two other investors:

Vale acquires MBREdit

After Vale bought 100% of Caemi, Vale's stake at MBR reached 89.8%, that's because Vale became the owner of Caemi's 84.75% stake at MBR and Vale already indirectly owned 5.05% of MBR through its 9.9% stake at EBM.[9]

This meant that Vale had only to acquire the remaining 20% of EBM at the hands of the japanese investors in order to become owner of 100% of MBR. This objective was achieved on May 2007 when Vale bought for $231 million 6.25% of EBM from the Japanese investors and simultaneously leased the 13.75% left from the japanese group in exchange for a down payment of $60.5 million and annual fee of $48.1 million for the next 30 years.[9][11] Vale now owns 100% of MBR.

Vale acquires CaemiEdit

The mining company Vale bought between 2001 and 2006 100% of Caemi's capital for a total cost of $3.2 billion.

Back in 2001 Vale bought for $278.7 million 16.82% of Caemi's capital[12] then in 2003 Vale purchased Mitsui's participation on Caemi for $426.4 million,[13] raising Vale's participation to 60.2% of Caemi's total capital.

Finally on 31 March 2006 Vale purchased the remaining 39.8% of Caemi's capital in a stock swap deal worth $2.5 billion.[14] In May the company's shares stopped being negotiated at Bovespa[1] and then in December Caemi was merged into Vale and ceased to exist.[14]


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