Cadí Tunnel

Cadí Tunnel (Catalan and Spanish: Túnel del Cadí) is a toll road tunnel in Catalonia, Spain, connecting the comarques of Cerdanya and Berguedà. The tunnel, with a length of 5,026 m (16,490 ft), is part of the C-16 highway and E-9, running under the Serra de Moixeró mountain range in the Pre-Pyrenees.[1][2]

Cadí Tunnel
Túnel Cadí a Urús.jpg
Entrance to the Cadí Tunnel from Urús
LocationCerdanya and Berguedà, Catalonia, Spain
CoordinatesCoordinates: 42°18′05″N 1°51′23″E / 42.30139°N 1.85639°E / 42.30139; 1.85639
StartUrús, Cerdanya
42°20′6″N 1°50′15″E / 42.33500°N 1.83750°E / 42.33500; 1.83750 (Urús Portal)
EndGuardiola de Berguedà, Berguedà
42°17′41″N 1°51′47″E / 42.29472°N 1.86306°E / 42.29472; 1.86306 (Guardiola de Berguedà Portal)
Opened30 October 1984[1]
Vehicles per day6679 (2010)[1]
Length5026 m[1]

It comprises two lanes, separated by a 2-meter-wide (6.6 ft) safety zone in the middle. The southern entrance, at an altitude of 1,175 m (3,855 ft), is located in the settlement of l'Hospitalet, part of the municipality of Guardiola de Berguedà. The northern entrance is in Cerdanya, in the municipality of Urús, and is at a height of 1,236 m (4,055 ft).


The Serra de Moixeró is often confused with the nearby Serra del Cadí range, hence the tunnel's naming after the latter.[3] Both ranges are within the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, which also includes nearby Pedraforca.


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