Cable length

A cable length or length of cable is a nautical unit of measure equal to one tenth of a nautical mile or approximately 100 fathoms. Owing to anachronisms and varying techniques of measurement, a cable length can be anywhere from 169 to 220 metres, depending on the standard used. The unit is named after the length of a ship's anchor cable in the Age of Sail.

The definition varies:

  • International: 185.2 m, equivalent to 110 nautical mile
  • Imperial (Admiralty): 185.32 m, or 110 nautical mile, about 101 fathoms
    • The traditional British fathom varied from 5+12 to 7 feet (1.7 to 2.1 metres) in the Merchant Navy, making the "historical" cable 169 m to 215.5 m.
  • US customary (US Navy): 219.5 metres, 120 fathoms (720 feet)

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