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A cable car is any of a variety of cable transportation systems relying on cables to pull vehicles along or lower them at a steady rate. The terminology also refers to the vehicles on these systems. The cable car vehicles are motorless and engineless and they are pulled by a cable that is rotated by a motor off-board.


Aerial liftEdit

Aerial lift in Rote Nase, Swiss Alps

Aerial lifts where the vehicle is suspended in the air from a cable:

  • An aerial tramway consists of a cabin suspended from a cable, pulled by another cable.
  • A gondola lift consists of a loop of cable that is strung between two or more stations, usually over intermediate supporting towers, from which cars are suspended.
  • Chairlifts where open chairs are hauled above the ground by means of a cable.

Rail systemEdit

Cable car railway in Wellington, New Zealand

Varieties in which the vehicle rests on rails or a road:

  • A system to haul trains along streets, see Cable car (railway)
  • The particular cable car system in operation in San Francisco, California, see San Francisco cable car system
  • A funicular consists of a pair of railway cars that alternately ascend and descend an inclined right-of-way, attached to a common cable.
  • A cable railway uses a cable or rope to haul trains.

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