Cabinet of Tokelau

The Cabinet of Tokelau (also called the Council of the Ongoing Government of Tokelau) is the chief executive body of Tokelau.

The Council currently consists of:[1]

Cabinet ministers

Incumbent Portfolios and responsibilities
Esera Tuisano
  • Ulu o Tokelau (Titular Head)
  • Minister for Office of the Council for the Ongoing Government (including Foreign Affairs)
  • Minister for Transport
  • Minister for Energy
  • Minister for Public Services
Siopili Perez
  • Minister for Finance
  • Minister for Health
Kelihiano Kalolo
  • Minister for Education
  • Minister for Climate Change Agency
Famanuia Tamoa

Minister for Economic Development, Natural Resources & Environment (including Agriculture)

Lino Isaia

Minister for Support Services

Mose Pelasio
  • Minister for Telecommunications
  • Minister for Fisheries Management Agency


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