Cabinet of Serbia (2001–2004)

The Government of Serbia under Zoran Đinđić as the Prime Minister was formed on 25 January 2001. It is the first post-Milošević government formed after Serbian parliamentary elections held on 23 December 2000, when the Democratic Opposition of Serbia coalition (DOS) won 64.09% of the popular vote translating into 176 seats in the Serbian National Assembly (out of 250 seats).

Cabinet of Zoran Đinđić
Cabinet of Zoran Živković
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7th & 8th Cabinet of Republic of Serbia
2001 – 2004
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Date formed25 January 2001, 18 March 2003
Date dissolved18 March 2003, 3 March 2004
People and organisations
Head of stateMilan Milutinović
Nataša Mićić (acting)
Dragan Maršićanin (acting)
Head of governmentZoran Đinđić (2001–03)
Nebojša Čović (acting)
Žarko Korać (acting)
Zoran Živković (2003–04)
Member partiesDemocratic Opposition of Serbia
Election(s)23 December 2000
PredecessorCabinet of Milomir Minić
SuccessorCabinet of Vojislav Koštunica I

Zoran Đinđić, the leader of the Democratic Party, was designated as Prime Minister and given the task of forming Serbia's first freely elected post-communist and post-Milošević Government. The Government was sworn in on 25 January 2001 and its term officially ended on March 3, 2004, when the new government under PM Vojislav Koštunica was unveiled following the 2003 Serbian parliamentary election held in late December.

When PM Zoran Đinđić was assassinated on March 12, 2003, Nebojša Čović (one of the five deputy PMs at the time) became the acting PM for four days until Zoran Živković got named as the new Prime Minister on March 16, 2003.

After Đinđić's assassination, the government also went through a slight reconfiguration as Čedomir Jovanović, up to that point DOS' parliamentary club chief, became deputy PM.


Position Portfolio Name Party
Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić (2001-03)
Nebojša Čović (acting) (2003)
Žarko Korać (acting) (2003)
Zoran Živković (2003-04)
Deputy Prime Minister Internal Affairs Dušan Mihajlović ND
General Affairs Nebojša Čović DA
Žarko Korać SDU
József Kasza SVM
Momčilo Perišić (2001-02) PDS
Aleksandar Pravdić (2001) DSS
Miodrag Isakov (2002-04) RV
Vuk Obradović (2001) SD
Čedomir Jovanović (2003-04) DS
Minister Finance Božidar Đelić DS
Minister Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Dragan Veselinov (2001-03)
Stojan Jevtić (2003-04)
Minister Justice Vladan Batić DHSS
Minister Labour and Employment Dragan Milovanović
Minister Social Affairs Gordana Matković DS
Minister Health (and Environmental Protection) Obren Joksimović (2001)
Tomica Milosavljević (2002-03)
Minister Transport and Telecommunications Marija Rašeta Vukosavljević DS
Minister International Economic Relations Goran Pitić DS
Minister Culture and Media Branislav Lečić DS
Minister Mining and Energy Goran Novaković (2001-02)
Kori Udovički (2002-03)
Minister Education and Sport Gašo Knežević GSS
Minister Trade, Tourism and Services Slobodan Milosavljević DS
Minister Religion Vojislav Milovanović SPC
Minister Economy and Privatisation Aleksandar Vlahović DS
Minister Construction and Urban Planning Dragoslav Šumarac DS
Minister Science, Technology and Development Dragan Domazet DS
Minister Public Administration and Local Self-Government Rodoljub Šabić (2002-03) SD
Minister Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Anđelka Mihajlov (2002-04) DS

Deputy MinistersEdit

The Deputy Ministers in the Serbian Government appointed in February 2001 were:[1]

(The post of Deputy Minister has since 2004 been abolished and a new post of State Secretary (državni sekretar) has been instituted (of which there are several in each Ministry).

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1. ^ Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No.14, 23 February 2001.

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