The Cabinet of Peru (also called the Presidential Cabinet of Peru or the Council of Ministers) is made up of all the Ministers of State. This council is presided by the President of the Council of Ministers, a position likened to that of a prime minister. That position is directly appointed by the President of the Republic. The Prime Minister presides over the meetings of the Council (otherwise known as the Cabinet) unless the President of the Republic is present whereupon he presides.


The Cabinet has, under the Constitution, the following main duties:

  1. Approve laws that the President submits to Congress
  2. Approve legislative decrees and also urgent decrees that President of the Republic dictates, as well as laws, decrees, and resolutions arranged by law
  3. To deliberate on subjects of public interest.

For the Cabinet to reach any agreement, the approving vote of the majority of its members is required.


Ministers of State are in charge of managing politics and the activities of various sectors that direct and manage public services. The requirements to be a Minister of State are to be Peruvian by birth, a citizen, and be at least 25 years of age.

The Ministers of State are appointed discretionally by the President of the Republic, in coordination with the Prime Minister. While individual cabinet members do not require to be confirmed by Congress, when a new Prime Minister is chosen, the entire cabinet is subjected to a Congressional "vote of confidence". Likewise, if the Prime Minister resigns his office, all members of the cabinet are constitutionally forced to resign.

In special situations, a Minister of State in charge of one sector can temporarily assume the role and responsibilities held by another Minister in case of illness, travel, or other absence of the latter. All actions by the President must be approved by the Minister of State in charge of the correspondent sector to be valid under Peruvian law.

Current CabinetEdit

Ministry Current minister Party Oath date

Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  Salvador Alejandro Carlos del Solar Labarthe indep. 11 March 2019

Ministry of Economy and Finance
  Carlos Augusto Oliva Neyra indep. 7 June 2018

Ministry of Defense
  José Modesto Huerta Torres indep. 2 April 2018

Ministry of the Interior
  Carlos Morán Soto indep. 19 October 2018

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
  Vicente Antonio Zeballos Salinas Liberal 21 July 2018

Ministry of Education
  Flor Aidée Pablo Medina indep. 11 March 2019

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Néstor Francisco Popolizio Bardales indep. 2 April 2018

Ministry of Health
  Elizabeth Zulema Tomás Gonzáles indep. 7 January 2019

Ministry of Labor and Promotion of Employment
  Sylvia Elizabeth Cáceres Pizarro indep. 18 December 2018

Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
  Fabiola Martha Muñoz Dodero indep. 11 March 2019

Ministry of Energy and Mines
  Francisco Atilio Ísmodes Mezzano indep. 2 April 2018

Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism
  Edgar Manuel Vásquez Vela indep. 18 December 2018

Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation
  Carlos Ricardo Bruce Montes de Oca Contigo 11 March 2019

Ministry of Production
Rocío Ingred Barrios Alvarado indep. 11 March 2019

Ministry of Transportation and Communications
  Edmer Trujillo Mori indep. 28 March 2018

Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations
  Gloria Edelmira Montenegro Figueroa APP 11 March 2019

Ministry of Environment
  Lucía Delfina Ruiz Ostoic indep. 11 March 2019

Ministry of Culture
Ulla Sarela Holmquist Pachas indep. 11 March 2019

Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion
  Paola Bustamante Suárez indep. 11 March 2019

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