The Cabinet of Nauru is the executive branch of the government of the Republic of Nauru, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Article 17 (1.) of the Constitution of Nauru provides for the "executive authority of Nauru" to be vested in "a Cabinet constituted as provided by this Part" with the "general direction and control of the government of Nauru", specified in Article 17 (2.) as being "collectively responsible" to the Parliament of Nauru. The Cabinet is directly appointed by the President of Nauru, and comprises the president, who presides over meetings over the Cabinet, and either four or five members of the parliament. The president is also responsible for assigning Members of the Cabinet, including himself, "responsibility for any business of the government of Nauru", as ministers. Members of the Cabinet are required to swear or affirm an oath of office prior to being appointed.[1]

Current cabinetEdit

The following cabinet was appointed by Baron Waqa on June 13, 2013 after he was elected President of Nauru.[2] Following the July 2016 general election, the Cabinet remained exactly the same.[3][4]

Name Portfolios
His Excellency Baron Waqa, MP Chairman of the Cabinet (as President)
Public Service
Police & Emergency Services
Foreign Affairs & Trade
Climate Change
Hon. David Adeang, MP Minister Assisting the President of Nauru
Finance & Sustainable Development
Eigigu Holdings Corporation
Nauru Air Corporation
Hon. Valdon Dowiyogo, MP Health
Hon. Aaron Cook, MP Commerce, Industry & Environment
Republic of Nauru Phosphate
Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation
Hon. Charmaine Scotty, MP Home Affairs
Education and Youth
Land Management
Hon. Shadlog Bernicke, MP Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust
Nauru Utilities Corporation

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