Cabinet of Jordan

The Cabinet of Jordan is led by the Prime Minister who is appointed by the King. The Prime Minister is then free to form his own cabinet which is responsible to the Chamber of Deputies on matters of general policy and can be forced to resign by a two-thirds vote of "no confidence" by that body or be dismissed by the King.

On 12 October 2020, a royal decree by King Abdullah II approved of Bisher Al-Khasawneh's Cabinet and was sworn in.

Current CabinetEdit

The current Cabinet of Jordan (Council of Ministers), chaired by Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Bisher Al-Khasawneh, include the following members:

1. Tawfiq Kreishan as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration

2. Ayman Safadi as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates[1]

3. Umayya Toukan as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Economic Affairs

4. Mohammad Daoudiyeh as Minister of Agriculture

5. Omar Razzaz as Minister of Education[2]

6. Musa Maaytah as Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs[3]

7. Ali Ayed as Minister of State for Media Affairs

8. Nasser Shraideh as Minister of Planning and International Cooperation[4]

9. Yahya Kisbi as Minister of Public Works and Housing[5]

10. Nayef Al Fayez as Minister of Tourism and Antiquities[6]

11. Ibrahim Jazi as Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs

12. Ahmad Ziadat as Minister of State for Legal Affairs

13. Bassam Talhouni as Minister of Justice (He resigned in February 2021)[7]

14. Maha Ali as Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply

15. Hala Zawati as Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources[8]

16. Mohamad Al Ississ as Minister of Finance

17. Mohammad Khalayleh as Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs[9]

18. Basim Tweissi as Minister of Culture

19. Nabil Masarweh as Minister of Environment

20. Ayman Mufleh as Minister of Social Development[10]

21. Mohammad Khair Abu Qudais as Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

22. Mahmoud Kharabsheh as Minister of State

23. Nawaf Wasfi Tell as Minister of State for Follow-up and Government Coordination

24. Samir Mobeideen as Minister of Interior (He resigned in February 2021)[7]

25. Nathir Obeidat as Minister of Health (He resigned in March 2021 after the death of six people due to oxygen outage).[11]

26. Marwan Khitan as Minister of Transport

27. Motasem Saidan as Minister of Water and Irrigation

28. Mohammad Salameh Al Nabulsi as Minister of Youth

29. Raba’ah Ajarmeh as Minister of State for Institutional Performance Development

30. Maen Qatamin as Minister of Labour and Minister of State for Investment Affairs

31. Ahmad Hanandeh as Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

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