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The Tenth Government of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Deseta Vlada Republike Hrvatske) was the second of two Croatian Government cabinets led by Prime Minister Ivo Sanader. It was announced on 12 January 2008 and its term ended on 6 July 2009, when Jadranka Kosor formed the 11th cabinet following Sanader's surprise resignation. Cabinet members represented parties of the ruling coalition which was formed following the 2007 parliamentary elections:

Second Sanader Cabinet
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10th cabinet of the Republic of Croatia
Ivo Sanader Svecanost podizanja NATOve zastave Zagreb 67 crop.jpg
Date formed12 January 2008
Date dissolved6 July 2009
People and organisations
Head of stateStjepan Mesić
Head of governmentIvo Sanader
Deputy head of governmentĐurđa Adlešič, Slobodan Uzelac,
Damir Polančec and Jadranka Kosor
No. of ministers18 (on 6 July 2009)
Total no. of ministers21 (including former members)
Member partiesCroatian Democratic Union
Croatian Peasant Party
Croatian Social Liberal Party
Independent Democratic Serb Party
Status in legislatureMajority coalition government
Opposition partySocial Democratic Party
Opposition leaderZoran Milanović
Election(s)25 November 2007
Legislature term(s)2008-2011
PredecessorCabinet of Ivo Sanader I
SuccessorCabinet of Jadranka Kosor

It was the first Croatian cabinet since the first multi-party elections in 1990 to have a party representing the Serb minority in Croatia (SDSS) as its member, with Slobodan Uzelac holding office as of one of the Deputy Prime Ministers. This was mainly due to the fact that this cabinet was heavily dependent on the support of the 8 national minority representatives in the Croatian Parliament, so as to be able to command a parliamentary majority.

Party breakdownEdit

Changes from the Cabinet of Ivo Sanader IEdit

  • In order to accommodate coalition partners, the number of Deputy Prime ministers grew to four from two in the previous cabinet (with two posts held by HDZ members Kosor and Polančec and the additional two by Adlešič of HSLS and Uzelac of SDSS).
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Water Management was split into the Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management was established (headed by Petar Čobanković (HDZ) who also headed the old ministry), and Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development (which was taken over by Božidar Pankretić of HSS). The latter ministry was formed mainly to accommodate HSS demands which ran on a platform seeking to stimulate re-development of rural areas.
  • After five years, Ministry of Tourism was separated from what was earlier Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development and Damir Bajs (HSS) was appointed new Minister of Tourism. The Ministry of Tourism had earlier existed from 1990 to 1992 under PMs Mesić, Manolić and Gregurić and from 1993 to 2003 under Valentić, Mateša and Račan.

List of ministers and portfoliosEdit

Some periods in the table below start before 12 January 2008 because the minister also served in the Cabinet of Ivo Sanader I (23 December 2003 – 12 January 2008) and extend beyond 6 July 2009 in case of ministers who continued to hold posts in the following Cabinet of Jadranka Kosor. The cabinet had four Deputy Prime Ministers: for Đurđa Adlešič and Slobodan Uzelac these were their only posts in the cabinet, while Jadranka Kosor and Damir Polančec served as both Deputy Prime Ministers and ministers of their respective portfolios.

Minister Party Portfolio Term start Term end
Ivo Sanader HDZ Prime Minister 23 December 2003 6 July 2009
Đurđa Adlešič (D) HSLS Deputy Prime Minister 12 January 2008 12 October 2010
Slobodan Uzelac (D) SDSS Deputy Prime Minister 12 January 2008 23 December 2011
Božo Biškupić HDZ Culture 23 December 2003 29 December 2010
Petar Čobanković HDZ Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management 12 January 2008 6 July 2009
Gordan Jandroković HDZ Foreign Affairs and European Integration 12 January 2008 23 December 2011
Božidar Kalmeta HDZ Sea, Transport and Infrastructure 23 December 2003 23 December 2011
Jadranka Kosor (D) HDZ Family, Veterans' Affairs and Inter-generational Solidarity 23 December 2003 6 July 2009
Ana Lovrin HDZ Justice 10 February 2006 10 October 2008
Marina Matulović-Dropulić HDZ Environmental Protection, Spatial Planning and Construction 23 December 2003 29 December 2010
Darko Milinović HDZ Health and Social Welfare 12 January 2008 23 December 2011
Damir Polančec (D) HDZ Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship 12 January 2008 30 October 2009
Dragan Primorac HDZ Science, Education and Sports 23 December 2003 2 July 2009
Berislav Rončević HDZ Interior 12 January 2008 10 October 2008
Ivan Šuker HDZ Finance 23 December 2003 29 December 2010
Branko Vukelić HDZ Defence 12 January 2008 29 December 2010
Damir Bajs HSS Tourism 12 January 2008 23 December 2011
Božidar Pankretić HSS Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development 12 January 2008 6 July 2009


Date Gain Loss Note
10 October 2008 Non-party HDZ Interior minister Berislav Rončević (HDZ), and Justice minister Ana Lovrin (HDZ), are replaced by non-party appointees Tomislav Karamarko and Ivan Šimonović respectively.
2 July 2009 HDZ HDZ Education minister Dragan Primorac (HDZ) was replaced by Radovan Fuchs (HDZ).


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