Cabinet of Ecuador

The Cabinet of Ecuador, officially: Cabinet of the Citizens Revolution (Spanish: Gabinete de la Revolución Ciudadana), is part of the executive branch of the Ecuadorian government, consisting of the heads of the variable number of government ministries.[1] The cabinet is appointed by the President.

Current Ministers of the CabinetEdit

Office Incumbent

Minister of the Interior


María Paula Romo Rodriguez[2]


Minister of Foreign Affairs

José Valencia Amores[3]


Minister of Justice


Rosana Alvarado


Minister of Finance

 Carlos de la Torre

Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion

 Iván Espinel

Minister of National Defense

 Miguel Carvajal

Minister of Tourism


Enrique Ponce de León


Minister of Education

Fander Falconí

Minister of Industry and Productivity


Eva García


Minister of Hydrocarbons


Carlos Pérez


Minister of Transportation and Public Works

Víctor Granda López

Minister of Environment


Tarcisio Granizo


Minister of Culture


Raúl Pérez Torres


Minister of Telecommunications


Guillermo León


Minister of International Commerce


Pablo Campana

Minister of Energy  

Medardo Cadena

Minister of Mining  Javier Córdova
Minister of Sport  

Andrea Sotomayor

Minister of Labor  

Raúl Ledesma

Minister of Agriculture Vanessa Cordero
Minister of Aquaculture Ana Drouet
Minister of Housing  

Guido Macchiavello

Minister of Health  Verónica Espinosa


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