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Caballas Coalition

The Caballas Coalition (Spanish: Coalición Caballas) is a left-wing regionalist party in the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta in north Africa.

Caballas Coalition

Coalición Caballas
LeaderMohamed Alí
Merger ofSocialist Party of the People of Ceuta
Ceutan Democratic Union
Political positionLeft-wing
Assembly of Ceuta
4 / 25


The party formed for the 2011 election as a merger between the Ceutan Democratic Union (UDCE) and the Socialist Party of the People of Ceuta (PSPC). The coalition won 4,404 votes (14.34%) in the 2011 elections, earning 4 of the 25 seats in the Ceuta Assembly, making it the second-largest party after the People's Party (PP).[1] The coalition aims for the official recognition of Moroccan Arabic in Ceuta.[2] The coalition, through its two member-parties, was endorsed with the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) until July 2013. The split came from differences of opinion over controversial comments towards women, made by a local Muslim cleric.[3]